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Results Presentations




DateTitleFile TypeSize
30 September 2013Presentation to Analysts and Investors4189kb
21 August 2013Shifting Perspectives2868kb
31 March 2013Presentation to Analysts and Investors5328kb



DateTitleFile TypeSize
30 September 2012Presentation to Analysts and Investors 2964kb
31 March 2012Presentation to Analysts and Investors1890kb



DateTitleFile TypeSize
30 December 2010Presentation to Analysts and Investors3369kb
31 December 2009Presentation to Analysts and Investors3546kb
31 December 2008Presentation to Analysts and Investors9048kb
31 December 2007Presentation to Analysts and Investors45395kb
31 December 2006Presentation to Analysts and Investors20456kb