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Roulette Spin-Off Tournament

Roulette Spin-Off Tournament

Roulette Spin-Off Tournament

From Thursday, 30 August 2018 to Saturday, 27 October 2018

Will You Be Betting On Red Or Black? 

Between 30 August and 27 October, we will be hosting our Roulette Spin-Off Tournament here at Emnotweni. We’ll be giving away over R250 000 in prizes, including a VW Polo Trendline, so make sure you get in on this exciting tournament for your chance to win big. 

00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

How to enter:

  • The qualifying rounds will take place daily from 30 August to 20 October 2018 between 15h00 and 23h00. 
  • Buy-in for one entry is R50 cash at tournament area  
  • Rewards members can also redeem 5,000 points at eHosts for entry
  • You can enter the tournament as many times as you like 

How the qualifying round heats work:

  • A maximum of 5 players at a time will constitute a heat, with a minimum of 1 player.
  • After buying in, you will receive 3 stacks of colour chips. Each chip will represent R10.
  • You will be given 3 spins of a maximum of 60 seconds each to bet. If you indicate that you are finished prior to this elapsed time, your betting time will be considered finished and we will move on to the next player.
  • You must play every spin. Missing a spin or hiding chips will result in your disqualification for that round.
  • At the end of the 3 spins the chips will be totalled and entries will be made onto the leader board if you’ve made it. The leader board will reflect the top 21 players.
  • At the end of qualifying rounds, position 1 on the leader board automatically qualifies for a seat in the final.
  • Players in positions 2 to 21 (20 semi-finalists) after the qualifying rounds will enter into a play-off in the semi-final to qualify for the remaining 6 available seats in the final. 
  • R10 table limits apply to all heats. R200 maximum on the number, R100 minimum on outside chances in multiples of R100, R5,000 maximum on even money chances and R2,500 on columns and dozens and no call bets will be accepted.

Tournament semi-finals

Date: Saturday 27 October 2018 
Venue: GlassBar 
Time: From 18h00 (players to arrive from 17h00)

  • Semi-finals will start promptly at 18h00. 
  • Should a semi-finalist arrive late, they will be disqualified from the tournament. 
  • The top 6 value-ranked players from the semi-final, as well as the top scorer from the original leader board will go through to the final
  • R10 limits will apply
  • 3 stacks of colour at R10
  • 3 spins
  • Players must play every spin
  • No counts will be given


Time: Immediately after the semi-final

  • The top 6 high scorers from the semi-final, together with the holder of position 1 on the original leader board qualify for a place in the final. 
  • Finalists will be allocated their seating position at the table by way of a selection process. 
  • A rotating marker will be used to control the betting order.
  • R10 limits will apply 
  • 5 stacks of colour at R10
  • 7 spin 
  • A count will only be done after spin 4 

The prizes:

Winners Prizes
1st Prize VW POLO Trendline
2nd Prize R20,000
3rd Prize R15,000
4th Prize R10,000
5th Prize R5,000
6th Prize R2,000
7th Prize R1,000

Promotional rules:

  1. Any person who is under the age of 18 or who has been refused entry to the casino or who is self-excluded, prior to or during the tournament, is prohibited from gambling and/or participating in the tournament and will be disqualified, where applicable.
  2. Tournament will be open to all Emnotweni Rewards members (the “Participants ”), and it is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
  3. Non-Rewards members can buy-in to enter the tournament, but they will need to register and become Rewards members should they win a prize.
  4. Entry to the tournament is by way of a prior cash buy-in, or point redemption to the value of R50, and it shall entitle the participant to the corresponding number of seats (R50 per seat) in any qualifying heats that occurs on the same day during which the Entry Purchase was made. 
  5. Any complimentary entry, if such is afforded to a participant, will be paid for by the casino and it shall entitle that participant to a single entry. Designated and demarcated table will be utilised for the tournament and no live games will be offered on the tournament table. 
  6. Any buy-ins qualifying rounds not played prior to the closing date of the qualifying rounds will be forfeited. 
  7. R50 cash /chip buy-in for one entry; no point earning criteria will be allowed and points can however be redeemed for entries. Players may re-enter as many times as they wish by way of re-buys provided that the re-buys are for different heats. 
  8. Each chip will represent an unredeemable rand value of R10 for the purpose of determining winners and ranking players. 
  9. These chips have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for value in any form, or used to place bets at live games. 
  10. R10 table limits apply to all heats. 
  11. R200 maximum on the number, R100 minimum on outside chances in multiples of R100, R5,000 maximum on even money chances and R2,500 on columns and dozens. 
  12. No call bets will be accepted. 
  13. Players play for themselves, monies may not be pooled or transferred to other players. 
  14. All chips must be returned to the respective table float at the end of each heat / round. 
  15. No Proxies will be allowed during the Qualifying rounds. 
  16. Chips are to be kept on the Table in a visible manner at all times. Hiding chips or missing a spin may constitute to disqualification.
  17. Chip “winning” from one heat/round session will not be carried over. 
  18. 100% of the money received from buy-ins will be distributed into the prize pool. 
  19. Participants do not earn Rewards Programme points during tournament play. 
  20. During the qualifying rounds and later stages specific betting timing periods may be applied. 
  21. During the qualifying rounds an automatic leader board will be displayed reflecting the top 21 players.   Players in positions 2 to 21 (20 semi-finalists) after the qualifying rounds will enter into a play off in the Semi-Final to qualify for the remaining 6 available seats in the Final. Position 1 on the leader board automatically qualifies for a seat in the Finals.
  22. Tournament winnings won during each individual heat will be totalled and ranked to determine the top chip earners. 
  23. Participants must bet during every spin. 
  24. The Finals will be held at Emnotweni on 27 October as advertised and all participants will be required to register prior to the advertised starting time of the Finals.  Late arrival and registration may result in being disqualified from the tournament.
  25. Should there be tied scores and there is a need for a spin off i.e. progressing to the next round or determining a position a Dealer will spin the Roulette ball in the wheel for the affected participants in alphabetical order of their surnames. 
  26. The participant with the higher number (zero being a low number) will gain the higher position and the sequence will follow on respectively. The ranking order will be adjusted accordingly. In the event the same number is spun for more than one participant, the dealer will re-spin assigning the number spun alphabetically should there be a need. 
  27. In the event that a time limit to place bets is relevant, such bets must be placed within the time limit and may not be adjusted once the participants time limit has expired or they have indicated they have finished betting, when the rotational marker that is being utilised for betting sequence has moved on to the next participant. 
  28. Where the applicable score was earned by the play of a Proxy, the proxy name will continue to be used until the spinoff is completed. 
  29. Should participants wish to elect representatives through a proxy, they may elect representatives who may not be co-participants in any of the respective stages. The nominated representatives will be required to play without any coercion and/or input/strategy from the nominating participants concerned. 
  30. Where utilized, the Master of Ceremonies will announce the start of each tournament session. Participants or proxies, where relevant, who are not present at the actual start of the respective session will forfeit their seats without any re-funds. The Master of Ceremonies will announce the allocated times, which may differ during the various stages of the tournament. 
  31. Should a “NO SPIN” be declared by the Tournament Director whilst a rotational marker is being used, bets will not be changed and the ball will be re-spun
  32. Whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to ensure the accurate recording of rankings/scores, the onus shall remain with participants to ensure that their rankings/scores are correct at all times. 
  33. The casino reserves the right to make the necessary corrections as soon as it becomes aware of any founded discrepancies, which corrections could change the rankings/scores of participants and allocation of prizes. 
  34. Tournament Director’s decision (or a Management Representative thereof) will be deemed as final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  35. Rules available at tournament are or Customer service desk upon request