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Super 9

Promotional Rules

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  1. Tickets will be available from the Customer Services Desk at the entrance to the gaming floor.
  2. Players are granted free tickets based on ranking. Gold 1, Platinum 2, and Black 4.
  3. Tickets have a verification section.
  4. Contestants choose 9 numbers.
  5. One part of the ticket will be kept by contestants, while the other handed to the host on duty.
  6. The roulette wheel will be used to spin for numbers.
  7. The first person to have all 9 of their numbers called will be declared the winner.
  8. If these 9 numbers are achieved within the first 18 spins, the contestant wins the progressive jackpot.
  9. The progressive jackpot will start on R 2,000 and accumulate by R 250 every Super 9 session until it is won on the last Super 9 session of June, September, December and March. It will then return to the base value of R 2,000.
  10. If the required 9 numbers are achieved after 18 spins the contestant will win R1,000 in CASH.
  11. If a number is repeated during the course of the game (double spin), subsequent spins will be disregarded in respect of the progressive jackpot.
  12. If more than one person wins a Super Lucky 9 simultaneously, the prize money will be divided equally amongst the winners.
  13. Persons who acquire more than the advertised amount of tickets from the Customer Services Desk will be disqualified from the game.
  14. It is the players' responsibility to choose 9 numbers and take a chance.
  15. Numbers that cannot be verified will cause the ticket to be deemed invalid.
  16. Players must ensure that their numbers reflect on the duplicate copy and are legible.
  17. It is the players' responsibility to tick their entry ticket and shout "Super Lucky 9 "if all nine numbers on their ticket have been called.
  18. Only number 0 – 36 may be on the ticket.
  19. Players may not fill the same number twice on their ticket.
  20. Any changes to the numbers prior to the game starting must be signed off by the host on duty.