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What’s On At Garden Route Casino

Mossel Bay Events

It’s all happening at the Garden Route Casino! Check out the latest events and great variety of entertainment on offer in Mossel Bay.

Super 9

Super 9

Super 9

From Friday, 21 August 2020 to Friday, 27 November 2020 Every Friday

Play slots and earn your ticket to stand a chance to win a share of R75,000 in cash.

Stand a chance to win the progressive Jackpot starting at R5,000 or R1,500 weekly prize in cash. Simply play slots, earn your weekly ticket for our super 9 tournaments and join us every Friday.

Garden Route Rewards cardholders need to play with their card to earn 750 points to be awarded a ticket into the Super 9. Ticket earning will take place Monday to Sunday with the Super 9 taking place the following Friday.

The Super 9 ticket will be available to print at the eHost on the Wednesday and Thursday before the Super 9. When at the eHost, you will have to select 9 numbers or use the quick pick option and these numbers will be printed on a slip that you will have to keep and the receipt handed into the designated Super 9 table.

Once Super 9 has started at the designated Roulette table, you will have to keep track of the number called out. If all 9 your numbers are called out you must shout Super 9 so that we can stop the game and verify if you are a winner.

 If you have all 9 your numbers called in the first 18 spins you will win the Roll Over Jackpot, if all 9 your numbers are called after 18 consecutive spins you will win the Weekly Prize. 

The Super 9 that takes place on 27 November 2020 will be a guaranteed Roll Over Jackpot. This means the first person to get all 9 their numbers called will win the Roll Over Jackpot regardless of how many spins.

The rollover Jackpot will start at R5,000 and will increase by R500 each week it is not won. When the Roll Over Jackpot is won it will return the base of R5,000. The Weekly Prize is R1,500.           

Earning End Earning Start Ticket Print Start Ticket Print End Super 9 Super 9 Start Time
Mon 10/08/2020 Sun 16/08/2020 Wed 19/08/2020 Thu 20/08/2020 Fri 21/08/2020 11h00
Mon 17/08/2020 Sun 23/08/2020 Wed 26/08/2020 Thu 27/08/2020 Fri 28/08/2020 11h00
Mon 24/08/2020 Sun 30/08/2020 Wed 02/09/2020 Thu 03/09/2020 Fri 04/09/2020 11h00
Mon 31/08/2020 Sun 06/09/2020 Wed 09/09/2020 Thu 10/09/2020 Fri 11/09/2020 11h00
Mon 07/09/2020 Sun 13/09/2020 Wed 16/09/2020 Thu 17/09/2020 Fri 18/09/2020 11h00
Mon 14/09/2020 Sun 20/09/2020 Wed 23/09/2020 Thu 24/09/2020 Fri 25/09/2020 11h00
Mon 21/09/2020 Sun 27/09/2020 Wed 30/09/2020 Thu 01/10/2020 Fri 02/10/2020 11h00
Mon 28/09/2020 Sun 04/10/2020 Wed 07/10/2020 Thu 08/10/2020 Fri 09/10/2020 11h00
Mon 05/10/2020 Sun 11/10/2020 Wed 14/10/2020 Thu 15/10/2020 Fri 16/10/2020 11h00
Mon 12/10/2020 Sun 18/10/2020 Wed 21/10/2020 Thu 22/10/2020 Fri 23/10/2020 11h00
Mon 19/10/2020 Sun 25/10/2020 Wed 28/10/2020 Thu 29/10/2020 Fri 30/10/2020 11h00
Mon 26/10/2020 Sun 01/11/2020 Wed 04/11/2020 Thu 05/11/2020 Fri 06/11/2020 11h00
Mon 02/11/2020 Sun 08/11/2020 Wed 11/11/2020 Thu 12/11/2020 Fri 13/11/2020 11h00
Mon 09/11/2020 Sun 15/11/2020 Wed 18/11/2020 Thu 19/11/2020 Fri 20/11/2020 11h00
Mon 16/11/2020 Sun 22/11/2020 Wed 25/11/2020 Thu 26/11/2020 Fri 27/11/2020 11h00

Promotional Rules

  1. Super 9 will take place every Friday at 11h00 from 21 August 2020 to 27 November 2020.
  2. Garden Route Rewards cardholders must earn 500 points for the first Super 9 and 750 points for each of all the remaining Super 9 days in order to receive 1 ticket (capped at 1 ticket).
  3. Earning period will be on a weekly basis, from Monday to COB Sunday starting from Monday 10 August.
  4. Members who qualify will receive an SMS notification every Tuesday that they have qualified.
  5. Ticket will be available to print at the e-host from Wednesday till COB on Thursday before the Super 9 on Friday.
  6. At the eHost, members will choose 9 numbers or make use of the ‘quick pick’ function and print their Super 9 ticket.
  7. A Roulette wheel will be used to randomly select Super 9 numbers and will be announced
  8. Each Super 9 will run until such time that an entrant has 9 numbers on his entry ticket which match the numbers which the Roulette ball has landed on.
  9. When an entrant has had all their 9 numbers called out they will have to shout Super 9 before the next number is called out and present their ticket to the Tournament Director at the Roulette table for verification.
  10. If the entrant has all 9 their numbers called within the first 18 consecutive spins they will win the Progressive jackpot.
  11. If the progressive is not won the entrant who has all 9 their numbers called after 18 consecutive spins will win the Weekly Prize.
  12. If the Progressive has not been won by 27 November, it will be guaranteed on this day. Should the progressive be won during the course of the promotion, the progressive value on 27 November will be guaranteed. On 27 November, the Progressive will be won by the first member whose 9 numbers are spun and called.
  13. Once the ticket has been verified and a winner announced the prize will be issued.
  14. All cash prizes will be issued by means of a promotional slot short.
  15. If more than one entrant announces after the completion of a spin that they have 9 matching numbers, and which have then been verified by the Tournament Director to be legitimate, then the prize will be shared equally between them.
  16. A Tournament Director will be appointed, and a selected staff member will perform the duties of spinning the ball on the Roulette wheel in accordance to our existing Roulette Procedures.
  17. A “no spin” is to be declared by the Tournament Director for any spin in which the ball has either:
    • been spun out of the wheel,
    • not completed at least 4 revolutions around the track of the wheel,
    • been caught up in the rotational part of the wheel for more than two revolutions,
  18. The ball is physically obstructed by a guest, or by an obstruction placed onto or into the wheel.
  19. A “no spin” will not be counted as a spin. After a “no spin” has been declared, the Dealer will place the ball back onto the last winning number, and will re-spin the ball.
  20. After each valid spin the staff member will announce the number that the ball has landed on, and simultaneously place the dolly on this number on the table layout. The result will be verified by the Tournament Director. Any number which has already been spun will simply be disregarded after the Tournament Director has verified this. The spin will not be counted, but the ball will still be spun from that number.
  21. The Tournament Director will record all winning numbers of valid spins on a notice board visibly positioned within the immediate area of the Roulette Table, each time that the ball has landed and after the winning number has been verified.
  22. The base value of the Progressive jackpot is R5,000 and will increase by R500 each week if not won.
  23. If an entrant has correctly selected 9 numbers which match 9 winning numbers within first 18 consecutive spins, the winner will receive the full value of the Super 9 progressive jackpot as it was when the promotion began on that day.
  24. The onus will be on the entrants to announce that they have 9 matching numbers as soon as the last matching number has been spun. Either intentionally or unintentionally delaying the announcement until a further spin may result in them possibly having to share the prize with another entrant instead of winning the complete prize.
  25. Similarly if an entrant mistakenly fails to notice and announce that he/she has 9 matching numbers before the 19th spin has occurred, and then only realizes and announces it afterwards, then only the Weekly Prize will be awarded