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Online Payment

Terms & Conditions

Book And Pay For Your Tsogo Sun Accommodation Online

Tsogo Sun offers guests the safe, secure and convenient option of booking and paying for your accommodation online. There are a number of online payment options available.

Online Payment Options

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via Secure Instant Deposit (SID)
  2. Credit card - The credit card used to confirm and pay for a reservation is required to be presented on check-in at the hotel. An imprint of this card will be taken by the hotel on check-in, in order to prove the card was present.
  3. SunRands - Hotel rewards cardholders can redeem their SunRands  towards a free holiday as well as for meals and drinks at any Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurant and bar.
  4. Combination Payment - Alternatively a combination of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Credit Card and SunRands may be used.
  5. Direct Reservation - Now you can make your reservation direct with the hotel and pay for it online. Read more.

Pay online with your internet banking account by using Secure Instant Deposit (SID). SID is an assisted Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) which allows direct payment for the accommodation reserved at any Tsogo Sun hotel or resort in South Africa using an existing Internet banking facility.

Banks currently linked to SID (Secure Instant Deposit) are:

ABSA FNB Nedbank Standard Bank

If SID (Secure Instant Deposit) has not been used previously, users will be requested to run the application. Users will be directed to their chosen bank where they can logon to make payment. The hotels' banking details will be shown on the payments page. Once payment has been completed, users will receive a receipt and the accommodation will be secured with the amount paid as per the Terms and Conditions of the individual booking.

SID (Secure Instant Deposit) facilitates your internet banking on in a single seamless online transaction.

While you are paying via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) using SID (Secure Instant Deposit), is waiting in the background for your payment receipt to confirm your booking. Please take care to follow the SID payment instructions from start to finish.

When using SID remember to:

  1. Log off from your banking site and not just close down the site;
  2. Never close until you have received your reservation confirmation of your hotel booking - this is separate to your payment notification

When paying for a direct reservation:

Please follow the easy steps below, if you made your reservation with one of our hotels and you have been referred to our website to pay:

  1. Select the “My Bookings” tab on the Booking Engine (top right of the page)
  2. If you are a hotel rewards programme cardholder and are logged in, all bookings will automatically be retrieved. You can use the filter options to search for the specific booking if it is not visible on the first page.
  3. If you are not a hotel rewards programme cardholder or are not logged in, retrieve the reservation by entering the hotel confirmation number and the telephone number given when making the reservation in to the respective fields and click on “ Find Booking/s”. The booking will be displayed.
  4. In the reservation options, you will have a “Pay Now” option – click on this link
  5. Select the preferred payment type for the available options (Pay with Credit Card/Pay with Electronic Funds [or if you are a hotel rewards programme cardholder, Pay with SunRands {if you are on a redeemable rate and have sufficient SunRands}])
  6. The minimum amount required will automatically be entered in to the payment field. This cannot be reduced, but may be increased up to the total value of the stay, if this amount is higher than the minimum required.
  7. Once they payment has been processed, you will get an on screen confirmation showing the payment made. A copy if this confirmation will be emailed to you as well if an email address has been provided.