Tsogo Sun Community

Social Development in South Africa

Through Tsogo Sun’s corporate social investment (CSI) programmes we promote the development of communities throughout South Africa. Our three academies, in which over 40,000 children partake every year, directly affect the development of these learners. Together with the Department of Education and relevant industry bodies, the academies offer learners holistic, full year programmes that are centered around sport, art and education to develop the learners on and off the field and stage and in and outside of the classroom.

In addition to Tsogo Sun’s national programmes, our casinos and hotels are involved in a wide range of caring initiatives and they provide substantial support towards various projects designed to uplift people in their local communities. Our hotels contribute furniture and equipment to non-profit organisations such as the community chest, local rotary clubs, shelters and children’s homes and our casinos contribute financially to numerous welfare organisations in support of children, the elderly and animals. 

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