Tsogo Sun Arts Academy

Development takes centre stage

The Tsogo Sun Arts Academy develops the artistic talent of learners from underprivileged backgrounds to provide essential life skills development. The programme supports the educational framework through the provision of extra-curricular activities and enables learners to participate in a carefully designed full-year curriculum that uses the arts as a catalyst to give young South Africans the chance to bring about change in their lives.

The Tsogo Sun Arts Academy develops artistic talent and provides life skills development to learners using theatre, drama, singing, musical instruments, poetry, creative arts and literature. At the same time, it supports the holistic educational framework by providing extra-curricular activities and tertiary opportunities to learners.

Arts development within the school environment was identified as an activity that is directly in line with the resources and ethos of Tsogo Sun, while also having a strong impact on the communities where the group operates. The Tsogo Sun Arts Academy programme is closely aligned with a key government priority to introduce extra-curricular activity back into South Africa’s schools.

Tsogo Sun commissioned Minimax Performing Arts to run the programme in schools with coordinating facilitators and educators, who are given ongoing training. Workshops with the young learners takes place twice a week at each school with qualified instructors who work according to a strong curriculum.

The programme currently supports 542 children from schools in Diepsloot (north of Johannesburg), Mayfair (south Johannesburg), Nelspruit and East London.

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