Tsogo Sun Sports Academy

Developing youth one game at a time

The Tsogo Sun Sports Academy nurtures school environments that promote healthy living and responsible attitudes to foster the development of successful young South Africans. This vision is shared by the Department of Education and the Department of Sport. The Tsogo Sun Sports Academy uses sports as a medium to deliver life skills, leadership and healthcare training as well as to reinforce the importance of education to young learners, with the ultimate goal of nurturing children’s wellbeing.

Our Sports Academy currently supports the development of more than 22,000 South African children and youths between the ages of 7 and 17 in soccer, rugby, athletics and chess (Tsogo Sun Moves for Life programme) which translates into over 600 teachers across more than 120 schools across South Africa.

Soccer, rugby and athletics training and accreditation is provided to educators, trainers, coaches, tutors, mentors and referees in these programmes. To achieve this, Tsogo Sun has partnered with relevant local government departments, schools, sporting industry and school sports bodies in communities.

The Tsogo Sun Moves for Life programme provides a structure for the implementation of chess as an educational intervention at school, actively connecting aspects of the game with maths, science and life skills concepts. Learning is made fun and exciting for young school-goers. Participation in the programme continues to grow and currently reaches 21,300 learners and 535 educators across 57 schools in South Africa.

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