Tsogo Sun Moves For Life

Every master was once a beginner

Tsogo Sun plays its part in improving the maths and science results of young people in South African schools through a national programme called Tsogo Sun Moves for Life. Research has shown that playing chess enhances mathematical, tactical and strategic thinking skills in young people. To deliver this programme, Tsogo Sun collaborates with Moves For Life, a national non-profit organisation (trust) with the endorsement of the Department of Education and affiliated to the International Garry Kasparov Foundation.

Three key elements to the programme:

  • MiniChess – operates in the classroom as part of the curriculum in foundation phase (Grades R to 3)
  • MasterChess – an extra-curricular activity after school hours for Grades 4 to 12
  • Teacher training

Chess is introduced to young learners in the foundation phase of school (Grades R to 3) as part of the curriculum and is part of the teaching process within the classroom.   Teachers are trained and provided with all necessary material to teach chess to 5, 6, 7 and 8 year olds. A unique feature of this curriculum is the innovative and exciting manner in which basic maths, science and life skill concepts are taught to children at the education foundation level.  It is not just about chess, but rather combing chess and education to improvement the learning development of the child.

The MasterMoves programme is for children aged 9 years and older who want to participate in chess as an extra-curricular activity at school. Chess trainers not only provide adequate chess training to teachers and learners, but they also coordinate local chess tournaments and facilitate additional chess opportunities.

The Tsogo Sun Moves for Life Chess programme is currently in over 56 schools and it has reached more than 500 teachers and 21,300 learners throughout South Africa. This contribution extends to the provision of workbooks, teacher training, comprehensive lesson plans and the provision of independent tutors.

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