Garden Route Casino

Lizz Meiring presents Lizz 35

Thursday, 19 December, 2019

Venue: Bravo Lounge
Doors open:18h00
Show Starts: 20h00
Tickets: R150 per person


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In 2019, actress Lizz Meiring celebrates 35 years in the entertainment industry !!!

To celebrate this milestone, a special show was created.

"Lizz 35" is a chat and sketch concert where Lizz tells you about the turmoil and insanity, the tragedies and triumphs, the chaos and creativity, the famous and notorious, the joys and despair of a life as an actress.

She reveals about her travels on distant roads - locally and internationally, the strange changing rooms, the stages, film and TV sets, the sometimes strange behavior of audiences, listeners, viewers and the admirers.

In the extremely entertaining piece, full of surprises about the entertainment industry, the audience gets a behind-the-scenes experience like never before.

A stream of characters from her creative coffin make their appearance - it's fresh, it's smart, funny and sometimes more serious. It's warm-hearted, compassionate and ultimately the story of survival and experience - the story of the attacks, fortunes, ups and downs of life with which anyone can identify.

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