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Jump Safe at Jump City

Jump City - Your guide to safe fun!

Always watch out for other jumpers, jump within your abilities, follow the rules at all times and obey the whistle!


  • The Theme Park is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays except during Gauteng public school holidays

Before jumping

  • All guests making use of the Jump City Trampoline area must watch the safety video before jumping.
  • Gold Reef City Management reserves the right to refuse the use of the JUMP CITY trampolines to any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Strictly no alcohol OR smoking inside JUMP CITY.
  • No food, drinks or gum allowed in the trampoline area.
  • No shoes allowed in the trampoline area and all shoes must be placed in the designated area.
  • JUMP CITY is not suitable for expectant mothers, persons with neck and back injuries or persons suffering from health problems.
  • All jumpers must wear JUMP CITY grip socks.
  • No queue jumping or place keeping.
  • Children below the age of 8 years MUST be supervised and children below 2 years are NOT permitted in the trampoline area.
  • Jumpers below the age of 8 years must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult guardian wearing JUMP CITY grip socks.
  • All loose items such as keys, jewellery and loose change must be removed from your person before entering the trampoline area.
  • Sharp objects such as belt buckles, sharp clothing studs etc. need to be removed before entering the trampoline area.
  • No cell phones,  cameras, go pros or selfie sticks are permitted in the trampoline area.
  • No persons over 120kg may use the trampoline area due to safety reasons.
  • Please tie long hair.
  • The closing time of Jump City is at Management's discretion and Jump City may close without prior notice.
  • We care about your safety, please follow the operator’s instructions and obey the safety rules at all times.
  • We suggest that you do not jump within 30 minutes of eating.
  • The operator will use a whistle to regulate the trampoline area. Please make sure you listen for the whistle at all times.

Dodgeball Rules

  • Pushing, wrestling, tackling, running, racing, playing tag, sitting or lying on trampolines and horseplay of any kind is not permitted in the trampoline area.
  • Do not climb, lean, or hang on to any of the top pads or netting inside the trampoline areas.
  • Always jump and land with two feet and aim to stay in the middle of the trampoline away from the padding, NEVER land on your head on neck.
  • No double flips or flips and tricks over the pads. Single flips are permitted but no more than 2 in a row.
  • Only one person per trampoline at all times.  Absolutely no double bouncing!
  • Prevent collision with other jumpers by paying attention to your surroundings at all times.
  • Participants must use all equipment in a safe and responsible manner; keep within your skill level and capabilities.
  • Read the rules in each area – Dodgeball, Basketball, Extreme Trampoline, Climbing wall and Foam Pit

In the trampoline area

  • The Dodgeball area is refereed by an operator and their decision is final
  • Only one person per trampoline at any one time.
  • No double bouncing allowed.
  • Always watch out for other jumpers to avoid collision.
  • Keep within your skill level and capabilities.
  • Do not grab or pull at other players.
  • No grabbing or holding onto the safety netting.
  • Follow all other Jump City Rules and obey the operators whistle.

Dodgeball Rules of Play

  • Max of 6 players per team.
  • Each team should begin the game with an even amount of balls and players.
  • No headshots allowed.
  • Head shots clarification: head shots are shots directly to the FACE and or EARS. If an opposing player ducks into a throw and it hits them on the top of the head, or the back of the head the individual hit by the throw is OUT.
  • Once out you cannot re-enter until the next game begins.
  • You may deflect a ball being thrown at you by using a ball in your hands.
  • You are out if:

    • You are hit by a live ball,
    • Throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player,
    • You cross or enter the neutral zone,
    • You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds,
    • Or throw a headshot.
  • You may block / deflect a ball with another ball, however if you drop the ball that you used to block with you are out.
  • When a Dodgeball hits anything besides a person the ball is dead. Thus a deflection off anything that is not human is a dead ball. You may catch a ball that hits you or another player on your team rendering the opposing thrower out, but only if it is caught in the air.
  • No holding a ball for longer than 10 seconds.
  • In the event of an injury, everyone must immediately stop.
  • You may catch the ball with any body part (between legs included).
  • You may not go past the centre of the court; even to pick up a ball. You will be called out.
  • When you are out, walk off the court with hands wrapped around your head covering your head and ears to avoid up close head shots.
  • No kicking the dodgeball.
  • The Dodgeball area is refereed by an operator and their decision is final.

Basketball Court Rules

  • One jumper at a time per lane.
  • Be prepared to share the court and line up until it is your turn.
  • Do not throw the ball outside the court.
  • Do not kick the basketball at any time.
  • Only attempt dunks within your skill level.
  • Don’t jump, land, or climb on padding – it is there as a safety precaution.
  • Do not swing or hang off basketball hoop, backboard or support bars.
  • Only one person per trampoline at all times.
  • No flip dunks.
  • The ball should not hit anything other than the backboard or the trampoline.
  • Other participants cannot assist jumper with any tricks.
  • Follow all other Jump City Rules and obey the operators whistle.

Foam Pit Rules

  • Only 1 jumper per lane.
  • Do not dive into the pit.
  • No double, triple or quadruple flipping into the pit.
  • No backflips allowed.
  • Landing into the foam pit feet first is the safest.
  • Do not land on your chest, head, neck  or back.
  • To avoid your knees hitting you in the head/face separate your knees when landing.
  • Wait until the person in front of you is completely out of the pit before you jump.
  • Exit the pit as soon as possible by the side lanes.
  • Do not hide or bury yourself in the pit.
  • Do not play or throw the foam out of the pit.
  • No stacking foam cubes to flip over.
  • No throwing or pushing jumpers into the foam pit.
  • Do not jump until it is clear and approved by the one of the Jump City operators.
  • Lost items will not be looked for in the pit, only when scheduled cleaning is carried out.
  • Follow all other Jump City Rules and obey the operators whistle.

Climbing Wall Rules

  • No standing on top of the wall.
  • Only two climbers at any given time may be on the wall and each climber must be directly over a separate area of the foam pit.
  • For safety reasons no children under 8 may use the climbing wall.
  • Ensure no one is in the foam pit before you jump off the wall into the pit.
  • Do not jump near to or land on padding.
  • Follow all other Jump City Rules and obey the operators whistle.

Extreme Wall Rules

  • The Extreme Wall is for advanced jumpers only. Operators monitor this area strictly.
  • The trampoline in this area provides superior height & a greater degree of difficulty & risk.
  • Jumpers must be over 130cm in height.
  • Only one jumper permitted on this trampoline at any time.
  • Ensure no one is on the trampoline before jumping off The Wall.
  • Ledges around top of trampolines are for sitting only, No Standing at any time.
  • No climbing or scrambling up The Wall
  • Follow all other Jump City Rules and obey the operators whistle.
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