Goldfields Casino

Casino In Welkom

Slots & Table Gaming In The Free State

Goldfields Casino in Welkom offers the ultimate gaming experience. As well as 250 Slot machines, our casino offers 9 Table games for Tables’ enthusiasts; poker, Blackjack and American Roulette.

Our gaming offering is spread across 3 areas; main floor, smoking casino and the Salon Privé. While enjoying your gaming experience there are extensive food and beverage offerings you can enjoy while you play. The Salon Privé is equipped with its own bar and sports channels so you never miss the big game.

Just a heads up; Banking Regulations require players to present their bar coded ID book for all credit card transactions. The great news for our Goldfields cardholders is that you only need to do this ONCE. Get your ID book scanned at the Customer Service desk to be kept on file for future reference.

  • Slots - always a winning favourite at our casino
  • Tables - for the full casino experience
  • Salon Privé - for the enjoyment of our VIP guests
  • Casino Promotions - even more chances to win big

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