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Combo Deals

Enjoy your favourate Shamrock pie or combo at our Hemingways Shamrock Pie outlet.

We know how much you love your pies that we have made it easy by offering a choice of delicious combos just for you!

Combo Deals: 

  • Party Pies: 4 mini sausage rolls for only - R19
  • Combo 1: Pie & Chips for only - R29
  • Combo 2: Pie, Chips & Drink for only - R44
  • Combo 3: Pie, 80g Dairy Milk Slab, 36g Crisps & Drink for only - R62
  • Combo 4: Pie, 80g Dairy Milk Slab & Drink - R55
  • Combo 5: Pie & Drink  for only - R35

Your drink choice is between a 500ml soft drink and Steri Stumpi.

You are spoilt for choice!

Ensure to share your favourate pie with your friends and loved ones! 

Hand in your Hemingways Day card at our Shamrock Pie outlet and receive a Pie & Coke Combo.

Terms and conditions 

  1. Please ensure that only the R30 refundable deposit is on your day card
  2. All other Day Card amounts must be cashed out at the Hemingways Casino Cash Desk before submitting your Day Card to the Shamrock Pies outlet for the special offer
  3. Offer is only limited to the  Day Card submission to Shamrock Pies outlet for an exchange of a pie and coke
  4. Shamrock Pies outlet accepts no responsibility for Day Cards incorrectly presented, any disputes relating to Day Cards refundable deposits will be referred to Casino Management
  5. Every participant in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation
  6. All decisions are final and binding, no correspondence or appeals will be entered into; any complaints arising will be investigated and forwarded to Casino Management for the final decision
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