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A City Built On Diamonds

Garden Court in Kimberley is a great choice on your trip to this historic Northern Cape city. If you are on business, this is the perfect hotel with amenities and services to ensure a productive trip. Each of the 135 rooms has a comfortable bed, access to free WiFi and other home-comforts.

For one of Kimberley’s most affordable hotels choose the SUN1 Kimberley. SUN1 Kimberley offers great basic comfort with a choice of value added extras such as complimentary WiFi, free bottomless coffee in a relaxed public area of the hotel and rooms that can sleep up to 3. 

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Kimberley is a city built on diamonds with a history that is etched into the ground. The Kimberley story starts with a young man picking up a ‘shiny pebble’ as a gift for his sisters. Little did he realise that this would later be known as the Eureka Diamond and would be the beginning of a diamond frenzy that would change the landscape of this area forever.

The myths, history and legends of the diamond rush make the city of Kimberley a unique place to explore. At the heart of Kimberley lies the Big Hole, a vast chasm excavated by shovel and pick and a lasting reminder of one of the biggest diamond rushes in the world. 

Our Top Recommendations

  • Vintage Tram

Take a 20 Rand note and 20 minutes to ride around the Big Hole on a 126-year-old tram. This is a great way to experience the history of Kimberley.

  • McGregor Museum

The McGregor Museum is the primary research institute in the Northern Cape. Visit this museum for an insightful look into the natural and cultural history of this city and the surrounding area.

  • Kamfers Dam

10 minutes from Kimberley, this dam offers a very rare sight – a pink parade of thousands of flamingos. This has become a popular attraction for travellers from all parts of the world.

  • Mokala National Park 

This reserve lies about 80 kilometres south-west of the city of Kimberley. Mokala is the Setswana name for the camel tree that can grow up to 18 metres tall and is common in the area. There is currently 70 km of accessible roads that allow visitors to explore this arid but splendid area.

  • The Vaalharts Valley

This valley is not very well known, but it should be. Only an hour’s drive from Kimberley, are the green farmlands of this fertile valley. Olives, pecan nuts, peanuts, citrus, wine cotton and stone-fruit are among the crops grown here. Although agriculture is the focus of this valley there is plenty more to do and see. 

Garden Court Kimberley

Centrally located in SA’s historic diamond capital and just 7km from its airport, Garden Court Kimberley is close to the Big Hole - the world’s largest man-made excavation. The ideal stop-over for travellers to...

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