MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

Our Island Spa Resort

Remember What You Have Forgotten

The tranquility of our luxury Seychelles island spa offers you more than a place of refuge, it invites you on a journey of rediscovery.

Bird song. Waters falling down moss covered granite rocks. Gentle winds brushing leaves. These will be the only things to break your revere in our Balinese-style spa.

Our luxury Seychelles spa is made up of three individual, private open-air pavilions each separated by natural rock formations. Each spacious 120m2 pavilion features its own garden, changing rooms and showers.

Besides world-class therapy and beauty treatments, our highly trained staff can offer you more than just skin-deep relief by guiding you through accompanied yoga and Qi Gong sessions.

Our fitness centre provides the latest "Excite" equipment. Privately trained therapists offer intuitive massages and an assortment of spa packages, including special Kids Only treatments such as the banana leaf wrap with hydrating gel for sunburn.