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Garden Court hotel in Mthatha is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Mthatha and the ideal accommodation choice for business and holiday travellers. Its close proximity to the Mthatha town centre makes it an excellent base from which to explore the Eastern Cape and the Wild Coast.

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For many, Mthatha remains a little known destination in South Africa. In 1913 the famous South African artist Caesar Henkel captured the beauty of this quaint town. Since then the town has grown to become the gateway to the Eastern Cape. But there is much to be discovered.

Apart from the natural beauty in this part of the country, known as the Adventure Province, there is a strong focus on traditional culture. The locals hold their old traditions close to their hearts and this is evident in the way that they live their lives.

Experience an interesting blend of both a modern and traditional way of life in Mthatha’s bustling streets. Mthatha is Madiba country and as such the Nelson Mandela Museum speaks of his story at an important time in South African history. This is a town that is rich in history, culture and African charm.

Our Top Recommendations

  • Nelson Mandela Museum
    30 minutes from Mthatha this is more than a museum; it is an experience. Here visitors can follow the footprints of Madiba’s ‘long walk to the freedom’. It is visited by thousands of local and international tourists every year.
  • Luchaba Nature Reserve
    Not far from Mthatha this charming reserve is worth a visit. Here you can enjoy a picnic overlooking the scenic Mthatha dam, with the chance to spot game. It is also very close to the Nelson Mandela Museum. 
  • Coffee Bay Beach
    Take a day trip to this picture perfect beach on the Wild Coast, about 1.5 hours’ drive from Mthatha. Not only is this beach safe for swimming, but the area off the bay’s southern point offers one of the few consistent surfing waves on the Wild Coast. You can also find rare cowries washed up by the current.
  • Hole in the Wall
    While you are at the Coffee Bay Beach, you cannot leave out the short 8 kilometre trip to this famous natural sculpture.

Garden Court Mthatha

17 Kilometres from Mthatha airport, the hotel serves as a gateway to the Wild Coast and Port St Johns and sees to the needs of holidaymakers intent on exploring the coastline and beauty of this remote wilderness, and also busin...

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