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SunBreaks Summer

SunBreaks Summer Vacay, from only R1,425!

Breakfast Buffet Special

Enjoy a variety selection buffet breakfast at Black Pearl Restaurant for only R85 per person. Selected dates only.

La Vita Spa

A world class Italian inspired Spa offering luxury treatments 7 day Spa service, until 22h00.

Marisol Diner Restaurant

The Marisol Diner creates a relaxed environment for all guests to enjoy a respite from their busy day.

Elite Charters

Use your Rewards card and get up to 20% off on a Luxury Yacht Cruise, at Elite Charters, Club Mykonos

Boesmanland Plaaskombuis

Use your Rewards Membership card and save from 10% at Boesmanland Plaaskombuis.

Marc's Beach Bar Rewards Offer

Come and enjoy beachfront bliss with your Rewards discount!

Car Wash Rewards Offer

The coast is beautiful, but it can wreak havoc on your clean car! All the sun and sand means that your wheels need a good valet!

Christmas Buffet

Feel the magic this Christmas at the Black Pearl Restaurant on 25 December 2019.

White Sands Restaurant

New Savings and Breathtaking Views!

Dinner and Dance

Dance the night away at The Black Pearl Restaurant on Tuesday, 31 December!

Black Friday Mania

Exciting Black Friay news! Mykonos Casino, your favourite entertainment destination

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