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Seychellois Creole

Food, Dancing & Culture

The Seychelles is a fascinating mix of people and language, cooking and architecture with a strong Seychellois Creole culture. Praslin and the Seychelles is best appreciated with some local exposure. Learn to dance to Sega music, experience life in a traditional Creole home and taste and make spicy Creole dishes.

Creole House

Made by Creole staff at Paradise Sun to celebrate a Creole anniversary, this traditional style house in our gardens is made of palm leaves and island materials with local techniques. See how Seychellois Creole cooked in the past and still do today, try your hand at a palm leaf broom and learn how to grind flour in a coco de mer shell. Explore the Creole house whenever you like or get Jimmy from our Entertainment team to show you around and tell you the stories.

Creole Entertainment

Our weekly Creole night invites guests to experience the uniquely Seychelles sound and dance of Moutya and Sega every Friday. Seychelles music was born from island, African and European influences and evolved into vibrant drum driven body-moving melodies. Hand drums and rattles create a changing tempo for flower dressed dancers around a crackling fire on the beach. Sit back and watch or join in if you can’t resist the rhythm.

Creole Buffet

Our daily changing buffet dinner always includes Creole flavours with plenty of tamarind and coriander complementing the menu. Our Creole night celebrates the best of it with Seychelles style curry, palm hearts, coconut dishes, dhal as well as saffron rice, breadfruit and tropical fruits all with lots of ginger, lemongrass and spices. Try local fish wrapped in banana leaves like fresh job fish, red snapper or parrot fish steamed, grilled, baked, salted or smoked. For the adventurous a local specialty, is rousettes fruit bat, served in a curry (when available).

Creole Cooking

Discover a little more about local flavours and what makes Seychellois cuisine so special. Learn about our freshly picked ingredients, different fish types, the fruitful fruits of the islands and best of all, get to taste it.

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