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Snorkeling in The Seychelles

Best Seychelles Snorkeling Spots

With visibility nearing 30-metres, amazing fish variety, friendly turtles, curious rays and a water temperature averaging 29-degrees, snorkeling in the Seychelles is the perfect destination to discover the world just below the surface.

What Do You Need?

Guests are welcome to borrow from our Beach Clubhouse or bring their own snorkeling equipment. A mask and snorkel is a must, as well as the option of flippers for easier water navigation. A number of snorkel tour operators also provide you extra buoyancy aids for those less confident in the water. If you are planning some island edge exploring some reef shoes might come in handy.

A dry bag will keep everything water free (a good idea if you are using a boat taxi to an island like St Pierre) and waterproof cameras as well as GoPro type action cameras are a great way to share the moment. Don’t forget to tag us @paradisesunhotel

How to Get There

Let us help you plan a trip to any of these and many more great snorkeling spots in the Seychelles. Sagittarius our on-site boat taxi operator can take you to many of the best spots or for a more guided exploration White Tip Divers can look after you.


Guided tours are recommended and never travel with unlicensed operators. Also, many islands have landing fees to pay towards conservation efforts, so check before you depart.

Best Seychelles Snorkeling Spots

Cote d’Or - In front of the hotel and great for getting your sea-legs and a feel for the underwater. Shallow, warm waters with small waves are the perfect introduction to snorkel beginners. Once you are ready, take a day trip to one of our favourite snorkeling spots.

St Pierre - One of the most photographed islands in the Seychelles. The combination of small size with dramatic granite shapes and palm trees make this prettier than a picture. Because you can’t land here it’s good to bring a dry bag if your visit is part of a day trip to elsewhere. You’ll find lots of colourful variety and it’s just a mile off our beach.

Anse Lazio - Perhaps the world’s most beautiful stretch of sand. White sand, azure blues, and sea smoothed granite boulders make beach time extra pleasant. Don’t expect as much variety as some of the other smaller island Seychelles snorkeling spots, but a combination of beach and snorkeling is a day well spent at Anse Lazio.

Felicite - Around 4km off the coast of La Digue this is great for a half day visit. Eagle rays and hawksbill turtles are not uncommon. Humphead parrot fish and pretty butterflyfish are also amongst the many varieties here.

Coco - A great spot for turtle spotting near La Digue. One of the best snorkel and dive spots on the Seychelles inner islands archipelago with coral life and a small beach in between the granite edges.

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