Paradise Sun

Cocktails & Sunbeds

Bar at St Pierre Beach Restaurant

*The recent severe weather and tidal conditions have caused extensive damage to St Pierre Beach Restaurant. The impact of these tidal surges requires the restaurant to be closed for repairs and renovations until further notice.

In light of the above, we will offer a full board meal plan (lunch inclusive), until such time that the restaurant is operational.

Cocktails and sunbeds are one of our favourite pairings. The bar at St Pierre Beach Restaurant makes the most of fresh fruit juices and garnishes, like mint from the garden and fresh coconut water from the island. Cocktail classics like mojitos and margaritas tempt alongside Seychelles style signatures.

Partake in a taste of Praslin with our ‘‘Zanzam’ which lives up to its name (the creole name for ginger) and muddles Takamaka vodka, fresh lemongrass and ginger, with vanilla syrup and ginger ale, or a a Creole Pti Ponche which mixes Seychelles Takamaka Rum, with caramel syrup, fresh lime juice and sugar.

The bar menu features always-popular Chillas, the perfect mix of ice cream or sorbet with selected spirits. Wine at our Praslin bar comes from New and Old-World regions with a variety of sparkling, whites, rosé and reds. Beers are mix of local and imported beers and spirits. There is of course also plenty of alcohol free exotic choices with a menu of fresh and delicious mocktails and freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

OPEN 10h00 - 22h45


Introduced to the islands by the British Navy and then distilled and made island-unique by locals once sugar cane became an island crop, rum has had a place in Seychelles life for generations. Many families even have their own special blend of local herbs and spices to infuse the flavor. More recently Takamaka Rum (named after the tree found around the islands) has become an international hit. Local cane from local farmers around Mahé is crushed and distilled on the island by Seychellois locals and then blended with locally grown fruit extracts and spices with island pure spring water for a Seychelles taste. Take a tour of the distillery on Mahé or just enjoy the flavours from your sunbed.

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