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Explore Praslin

Explore Praslin

True island living with a slowed-down pace, friendly locals ready-to-dance and always-smiling, impossibly pretty white sand beaches, exceptional snorkeling and a tropical jungle that’s captured the imagination for centuries.

Praslin is the second biggest island in the Seychelles collection of 115. At just 12km long and a little over 4km wide however it isn’t so big, and you can drive end to end in less than 30 minutes. The population is around 7000 and locals are as laid-back as you might expect from a palm fringed island where the weather is a steady 30. The Creole culture reflects colonial influence and African roots in everything from the language to what’s for dinner.

Beach lovers get more than enough options from the “world’s best” of Anse Lazio, the hard to find and hard to leave Anse Georgette and the shallow bath-warm waters and powder soft sand of Cote d’Or in front of Paradise Sun Hotel. Snorkel, dive and discover a world of coral and granite shapes hiding turtles and a tropical rainbow of sea life. Explore dense jungle just minutes from the beach, with shafts of light breaking through the canopy. Praslin jungle is home to endemic palms including the coco de mer and vanilla orchids as well as the shy Seychelles black parrot and the tiger chameleon.

Top 5 Things To Do On Praslin

  1. Sunset at Anse Lazio. Even though it might be a tourist ‘must do’, there’s a reason why it makes it on those lists. As the sun dips, the greys of the granite boulders soften to shades of gold, friendly fruit bats take flight, the yachts bobbing turn on their lights and become lanterns on the ocean and the white sand reflects the candyfloss pinks of the sky.
  2. Ride the bus. Want to get the full Praslin experience? Ride the bus (at just 5SCR per trip and an island too small to ever really lose your bearings it’s a no-brainer). Crowded? A schedule that sometimes runs on island-time? A little hair raising? Yes, to all the above, but still a must do on the island. 
  3. Coco de Mer. The almost mythical coco de mer has been called the original sin, an aphrodisiac and the fruit of a deep ocean tree guarded by a tiger eating bird. Fond Ferdinand and Vallee de Mai are the best places on the planet to see this giant fruit for yourself. 
  4. Underwater Unbelievable. Praslin is the best spot in the Seychelles for island hopping and snorkel or dive sites. Giant amusingly headed parrotfish, graceful rays, friendly turtles and an underwater rainbow of colour await.
  5. Eat, Drink, Dance Creole. You might have been lured here by photos of the beach, but it’s the people and Creole culture that will make you wish you lived here. Learn to dance Moutya and Sega, sample fresh fish with Creole spice or fruit bat curry, stay in French-Creole comfort and meet some island locals all at Paradise Sun.
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