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Getting Around Praslin

Easiest Ways Around The Island

Come and stay with us on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. Get directions to Paradise Sun and travel tips on getting around, from car hire to bus trips, Praslin is ready to be explored.

Car Hire

Island visitors planning on some self-guided exploration can hire a car during their stay. For recommended car rental companies get in touch and we can help. Paradise Sun Hotel has plenty of parking spaces for guests and we also have a car hire desk at the hotel.

Don't Forget: Check you have the necessary licence to hire a car and remember driving is on the left and some roads can be very narrow and windy. Seat belts are mandatory and speed limits must be kept to.


Buses run on the main roads and routes of the island on a reliable basis from approx. 06h00 in the morning to 18h30 in the evening. Buses cost as little as 5SCR per bus ride and on Praslin are often not too crowded. Some buses are air-conditioned and may cost a little extra. The buses stop at, or near, all the main points of interest on the island and you can catch a bus from just outside the hotel. Its good to take a map and ask for directions if you aren’t sure how to find that hard to find beach or amazing restaurant.

Don't Forget: Please ask Reception for the scheduled timetable and please be aware of the on-board dress code that disallows bare torsos.


Paradise Sun Hotel can arrange taxi tours and transfers as well as drop offs all around the island. Taxi trips on the island usually cost from 300SCR but are a reliable and simple way to get to and from the airport or to points of interest.

Don't Forget: Chat with your driver for local tips and island stories.


Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve – 6km

Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve  – 7km

Praslin Airport - 12km

Baie Sainte Anne Jetty - 6 km

La Digue Island from Baie Sainte Anne  - 15 minutes by ferry

St Pierre Marine Park  - 15 minutes by water taxi

Anse Lazio Beach  - 6km

Golf Course  - 12km

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