Paradise Sun

Praslin Wildlife

Animals You Might Meet at Paradise Sun

The Seychelles is a tropical island with incredible biodiversity and rich animal life. We know not everyone is so sure about wildlife in tropical destinations, but the Seychelles is very special and virtually everything on the island is friendly.


Geckos – you can’t miss these luminous green friendly lizards, lazing on a palm tree or looking for some sweet pollen to lick or an insect to nibble on. Friendly and not to be afraid of, they help pollination and keep insects at bay.

Rays – the beach in front of Paradise Sun is often visited by schools of snappers, emperor fish as well as graceful rays. Rays often move in the shallow waters looking for molluscs and small crabs to eat. You might even see them break the surface of the water almost like they are flying. Rays are generally timid but sometimes curious of human visitors. To avoid disturbing one by standing on it and risk a nasty sting it’s a good idea to shuffle your feet when you are walking through the sandy water and give them a heads up to move somewhere else.

Fruit Bats – bats might not seem cuddly to you, but you might think again when you see one of our local fruit bats hanging upside down from a tree in the jungle or flying overhead at dusk. These furry orange red mammals enjoy hard to reach fruit for dinner and are a very important part of island ecology spreading seeds and helping pollination.

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