Southern Sun Ridgeway Lusaka

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eco Initiatives

From animal protection to cultural inclusion, as well as firefighting support and help for those with special needs, Southern Sun Ridgeway has, and continues to, support local community projects and foundations. Some of the groups we support with fund raising, prize giving and social opportunities for community building and awareness raising include the following:

  • Lusaka Animal Welfare Society
  • Indian Ladies Association
  • Diplomatic Spouses of Zambia
  • Ex – Servicemen’s League of Zambia
  • Little Assisi School and Day Care for Children with Special Needs
  • Eco-Conscious at Southern Sun Ridgeway

Little things like cultivating our own herb garden and making it easy for our guests to support our water saving initiatives, as well as a programme of recycling wherever possible and choosing products that create less waste has helped the Southern Sun Ridgeway to be recognized with a Heritage Environmental Rating Silver Classification and Green Globe membership.

Our cleaning products are kind to the environment and kind to you, so that rooms stay ‘Southern Sun clean’ without hurting our surroundings. We make a habit of choosing local products to reduce unnecessary pollution and our carbon footprint. And, of course, by maintaining a large garden in the middle of the city we make it easier for guests to enjoy a hotel that thinks green and stays green.

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