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Much more than an overnight-stopover, and with an appeal that goes beyond the coal, Tete has enough to offer to make it a worthwhile destination to visit during a trip exploring Northern Mozambique and the Lower Zambezi. Get an idea of what to expect in our Tete travel guide.

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Most visitors arrive by air at Chingozi Airport (flights operate from Maputo, OR Tambo in Johannesburg, from Harare, Lilongwe and some other small airports). The airport might in time move to a new location to allow for further expansion. Travellers navigating their way between Malawi and South Africa will pass through Tete as one of the major towns and one of the only crossing points on the Lower Zambezi.  


The city of Tete (like most of Northern Mozambique) can be notoriously hot, and you should be prepared for average temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius even in the ‘cooler’ months. The area has recorded some impressive 45 degrees-plus temperatures, that will make you very thankful for choosing air-conditioned accommodation with a pool.  

Tete History

What is now the largest city on the Zambezi had a vibrant history as a Swahili trade centre and was an important city during the Portuguese colonial era. The city’s growth in recent years has been especially as a result of the provinces coal discoveries (it is estimated that Tete will grow to become one of the world’s biggest coal suppliers within the next decade). 

Bridges & Dams

Two of the four bridges crossing the Zambezi River in Mozambique are in Tete. Built by the Portuguese in 1973, the one-kilometre Samora Machel Bridge links northern and southern Mozambique, as well as connecting Southern Mozambique to Zambia and Malawi. Guests staying at Tete Ferry Sun will appreciate the impressive scale of the bridge from the hotel’s riverside deck. As well as the famous Tete bridge, the Cahora Bassa Dam (one of the largest on the continent) is the areas other major construction project and worth a visit. 

Attractions in Tete

When the weather and water levels allow, Tete Ferry Sun invites its guests on a Zambezi river cruise, complete with crocodile and hippo spotting opportunities. The hotel can also arrange a city tour to help you get better acquainted with the area. And for guests looking for something more adventurous, we can also arrange fishing charters to try your luck at catching one of the world’s wildest and most ferocious river fish, the aptly named tigerfish. 

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