Garden Court Ulundi


In The Heart Of The Zulu Kingdom

Tsogo Sun is well represented by a stunning Zulu inspired hotel in Ulundi. 

The Garden Court Ulundi beautifully combines an unforgettable authentic cultural experience with the luxuries of a modern hotel. You will be sure to enjoy the exquisite views of the African bushveld and surrounding mountains. 

The Garden Court Ulundi has 72 rooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. The rich colours of the accommodations will remind you that you are in the heart of Zululand. To make absolutely sure that you will enjoy your visit, there is complimentary WiFi, DSTV, air-conditioning for those hot Zululand days and 18-hour room service. There are also dining facilities in the hotel for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To continue with your traditional experience, you can even have a meal in a Zulu kraal while enjoying a dance performance. Whether you are here on business or for leisure, the Garden Court Ulundi is the perfect Ulundi hotel for you!

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For a place located a little off the beaten track, you may wonder if it’s worth a visit. If you would like a true Zulu culture experience with the luxury of having modern accommodation and conveniences at your disposal, then Ulundi is the place for you! 

Situated in the heart of Zululand, Ulundi was even the capital of this heritage-rich area in the past. The name Ulundi, given by Zulu King Cetshwayo, is Zulu for "the height" which refers to the impressive lofty hills that the town is set in. 

It was just northwest of Ulundi that the Zulu army was defeated in the Anglo-Boer war. Paying tribute to this dramatic time in history is the Ulundi Battle Monument. Another exciting historical site is the partially reconstructed royal residence of King Cetshwayo and a small site museum at Ondini, located just outside Ulundi. 

Discover a place abundant in natural beauty and where traditional Zulu culture is being preserved and celebrated during your stay in Ulundi. 

Our Top Recommendations

  • Caves in the Ntaba Ntunzuma Mountains

This is something you cannot exclude from your site-seeing list and it is not far from Ulundi. It seems that these caves were home to a Zulu clan more than 200 years ago and they served to protect them from their enemies. 

  • Mgungundlovu

Travel just 22 kilometres to visit King Dingane's Royal homestead from about 177 years ago. Excavations have revealed that there were about 1700 huts and up to 7000 people could live there. 

  • eMakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park

Only 10 kilometres away in a valley lies a heritage park which is also known as the Valley of the Kings and is the birthplace of the Zulus. This heritage park has endeavored to freeze Zulu culture and the beautiful landscape to the time of King Shaka. The Heritage Park also offers some game viewing opportunities. 

  • Melmoth

About 46 kilometres from Ulundi you will find a charming little town that is known as the gateway to Zululand. Here you will get to see unspoilt natural beauty and observe modern and traditional lifestyles prospering beside each other.

Garden Court Ulundi

Just 5kms from Ulundi airport, in Zululand, the 72 room Garden Court Ulundi décor and experience is influenced by its surrounds and heritage. Guests can be served meals in a Zulu kraal or boma and be entertained by tradi...

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