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Tec-Tec Restaurant

Fine Dining at MAIA

The invitation to dine wherever you like at MAIA sets high expectations for our restaurant to lure you from eating in the privacy of your villa or from on the beach. Tec-Tec though is a dining-scene not to be missed and the perfect excuse to dress up when the lights are low or for a laid-back daytime meal. 

Open sided and high ceilinged, this Bill Bensley designed space mixes elegance with raw nature. Positioned beside the ocean and beach, next to the dramatic after sunset fire pillars, and a waterfall washed lava stone wall, Tec-Tec encapsulates elevates the experience of fine dining in an unexpected setting. Waves breaking, fires crackling and starry skies above, Tec-Tec is worth leaving your villa for. 

Cuisine is as expressive as the setting, with five chefs aiming to please. Menus of Thai, Creole, Japanese, Mediterranean and Indian prepared with classical techniques and mouthwatering presentation. Sashimi and yakitori, tikka or molee, ceviche and tenderloin, tom yam and phad phao; stay in one food destination or take a journey plate by plate. Dinner is completed with dessert decadence and coffee and cognacs.

The restaurant is residents only, and with just 30 villas and no set dining times, there is plenty of opportunity for restaurant-to-yourselves romance and family style meals.

Entertainment at Tec-Tec - Jazz from the Andy Constance Jazz Trio every Monday and Wednesday is complemented by a Friday nights residence by David Andre, whose musical impressiveness extends beyond composing the country’s national anthem.

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