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Five Menus, Five Chefs

Menus at MAIA have more than enough options to ensure satisfied dining whether you want a taste of home, a taste of the Seychelles or a taste of somewhere new. Talk to your butler in advance and special requests are readily considered for off-menu cravings.

Breakfast - take your time over breakfast (we’re happy to serve from sunrise to sunset). MAIA breakfasts suit the setting with freshly squeezed pineapple, orange and mango and whichever other fruit is fresh and seasonal. A tiered gourmet selection is European inspired with smoked fish and charcuterie, imported cheeses and boulangerie-esque fresh bread and pastries. The menu of course includes breakfast favourites like crispy bacon, poached eggs and rösti – perfect for a pre-excursion meal. 

What’s breakfast without coffee? Espressos and cappuccinos, flat whites or Americanos, all served with ocean views, in your bed or by the pool.

Lunch - Lunch at MAIA takes a ‘haute light cuisine’ approach with a focus on fresh, seasonal and light dishes. True to the MAIA philosophy though, a light lunch approach doesn’t mean there’s a lack of treat-yourself dishes that calorie-counters might choose to avoid (or maybe not). 

All meals at MAIA are served with the finest imported and local condiments and seasoning, as well as no shortage of garden picked herbs and Seychelles spices. View our Lunch Menu.

Dinner - discover refined fine dining the like of which you might be surprised to find 1,000 miles in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The menus span global cuisine, are prepared with French-kitchen finesse and celebrate the best of Seychelles bountiful ingredients.

View our Restaurant Menu

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