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Our five Emotions are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities designed to give you a rich and sensual experience of the bounty that the Seychelles has to offer. From distinct flavours to breathtaking sights and unparalleled luxury, each of our Emotions captures the MAIA philosophy of ‘Whatever, Wherever, Whenever’. Experience the Seychelles the MAIA way.

Full Moon Massage
Revel in the mystical glow of the moon as it embraces and rejuvenates your spirit with its healing powers.

Under its ephemeral glow, discover the Full Moon’s enticing and mysterious nature with a 90-minute open-air massage from MAIA’s highest vantage point, whilst being enveloped by the still bliss of the night. This restorative treatment will instill a sense of calm and introspection, as well as stir the inner beauty that lies within.

Stand-up Paddleboarding
Glide gently across the turquoise, blue waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoy some quiet solitude.

Discover the hidden secrets of Therese Island as you skim across the waters on your stand-up paddleboard under the expert guidance of Seychelles’ most experienced surf instructors. Immerse yourself in the wonders of days gone by, and to a time that sets its own rhythms and patterns. Turn this magical experience into a lifelong souvenir with a HD video of your adventure captured on GoPro cameras.

Wine Tasting
Gain an appreciation of the world’s most exclusive wines.

Experience the ultimate wine journey with our award winning resident Sommelier as you become acquainted with some of the world’s most exclusive beverages. Enjoy a one-on-one with our Sommelier and his team and experiment to find your individual taste, accompanied with delectable nibbles. This amazing opportunity features as standard, three different wines from around the world, but why not make this a night to remember by transforming the aperitif into a meal thus opting for a six wines selection.

Aride Bird Sanctuary Excursion
A true heaven for nature lovers.

Alongside Aldabra, Aride hosts one of the most important seabird populations in the Indian Ocean. Eighteen species of native birds (including five only found in Seychelles) breed on Aride; this is far more than on any other granite island. A helicopter ride from MAIA onboard ZilAir (with champagne on board) will take you on a 15 minute scenic flight around Praslin to Aride Bird Sanctuary where a Private Ranger will show you around for a 3 hour walk to explore the Fauna and Flora and see birds like you’ve never seen before. The Ranger will then guide you to a covered shed where you can enjoy a picnic lunch. The afternoon is at leisure on the beach.

Indulge and Escape
Experience a “Harmony Massage” and private dining in your beautiful Villa.

Treat yourself and your partner to an evening designed to cocoon and soothe you, starting at our magical and tranquil spa. Our highly trained therapists will caress and indulge you with their twenty dancing fingers, and then you will be taken to your villa where your butler awaits to serve the most romantic dinner. And, as you finish your meal, step into your outdoor bath, prepared with rose petals and candles, accompanied by the
gentle, soothing sound of the ocean and a perfect ending to a romantic evening.

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