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Yoga & Qi Gong

Island Healing at MAIA

MAIA’s remote island destination invites guests to leave stress behind and forget the pressure of time and deadlines. Guests are welcome to join daily complimentary yoga and qi gong sessions in a distraction free spa space. More than exercise for the body, these two meditative and spiritual practices are believed to improve mental and physical control, can slow the process of aging and help you rediscover peace of mind.

Yoga - Hatha yoga starts with regulated breathing, controlling inhalation and exhalation and involves a series of core strengthening and mind freeing positions and stretches. From the posture enhancing Mountain pose, to the Downward Facing Dog where every part of your body is involved, yoga first-timers or more experienced yoga-lovers are invited to join an accompanied class of Hatha yoga. 

Qi Gong - experience the ancient Chinese art of qi gong. Coordinated movement, improved posture, and self-healing is at the root of this ancient philosophy designed to help you achieve a higher realm of awareness. Posture holding built around static poses combines with fluid movements that stretch and strengthen the body, while meditative practices aim to balance mind to enlighten self. 

This Is My MAIA - Signature Villa residents can experience complimentary private yoga or qi gong classes in the grounds of their villa daily. An hour-long accompanied session in the villa or looking out onto the ocean and beach enhances the experience in a destination that invites rediscovery.

Complimentary Sessions

  • 08h00 – 09h00 at MAIA Spa
  • 60 minutes of daily Hatha yoga
  • 30 minutes of introductory Qi Gong.

Beyond our complimentary sessions, private sessions can be arranged and designed to benefit your personal requirements.

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