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Award Winning Seychelles Gardens

30-acres of award winning garden, home to over 300 different endemic and exotic species tended by 18 passionate full-time gardeners, MAIA is as much a luxury resort as it is a garden paradise. The resort design philosophy was nature-first from its inception, with Lek Bunang and Bill Bensley’s care and love for nature ensuring “no tree was felled” in the construction of these 30 villas.

These ancient islands have seen many nautical visitors since their discovery, each bringing, and often leaving, a little bit of greenery. Combine that with a climate perfect for more than abundant plant growth, the Seychelles is home to an amazing variety of flowers, herbs, spices, fruits and all manner of endemic and exotic plant life. 

Garden highlights at MAIA include soft and delicate orchids, lobster-claw-red heliconia and tropical island hibiscus. Cashews, cinnamon, avocado, star fruit, mango, papaya and breadfruit keep the kitchen stocked while frangipani, plectranthus, lemongrass and jasmine keep things as sweet smelling as they look. 

Awarded SALI, the South African Landscapers Institute is one of the leading Southern Hemisphere organisations in the world of garden appreciation.
2007 was a double gold award winning year for the MAIA gardens with a Gold Award of Excellence for the Evergreen Turf Trophy and Landscape Construction with Design. 2008 saw MAIA awarded with the prestigious ‘Best Landscape and Turf Maintenance in Africa’ and 2015 saw another Gold Award of Excellence. 

Garden Kitchen - it’s one thing to see and smell the garden, quite another to taste it. The MAIA culinary team will, where possible, forage and gather from our own fruit trees and herb and spice gardens. That mint in your mojito or cinnamon flavouring in your dessert, the fresh fruit on your breakfast plate or that lemongrass in your tea, garden and island fresh whenever possible.  

Garden Tours - explore your private villa garden and its mix of lush hillside vegetation, forest foliage, Seychelles spices and delicate flowers. Allow the MAIA Head Gardener, Allain Marguerite to show you what makes the MAIA garden so special and award-worthy on a personalised resort-wide tour.

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