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New tastes or home comforts. Dining when you want it, not when the kitchen wants it. Eat at the restaurant, in your villa, on the beach, in the garden, under stars or under covers. 

A menu of five different cuisine types and a team of chefs that enjoy mixing things up a bit.  If they have it or can get it (and there’s not a lot they can’t) they’ll prepare it for you. So, whether you feel like ravioli and red snapper, goong nam and gnocchi, scallops and sashimi or maybe just cheesecake and chocolate, we’ll whet your appetite and satisfy it.  

Whatever – a menu of 5 cuisine types gets you thinking, but our chefs like a challenge. More chili or extra cheese? Dishes not even on the menu? Describe it, we’ll create it.*
Wherever – parfait beside the palms, tuna under the takamaka, gnocchi in the garden.  From the helipad to the beach, from your villa to poolside, dine wherever you like.*
Whenever – why just midnight snack why not midnight dinner? Breakfast whenever you wake up and lunch, brunch or any other meal time you feel like whenever you want it. 

*Some ‘Whatever’ items may incur a charge, and some ‘Wherever’ meal settings may not always be available. We will always aim to provide a more than delicious alternative in a more than special setting. 

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