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When To Visit The Seychelles

Summer never really ends in the Seychelles with a year-round average of 84°F (29°C) and sea temperatures averaging 80°F (27°C). From January to January you can top up your tan, enjoy sun-warmed snorkeling and drink cocktails poolside.

A combination of a temperature that stays in the high 20’s or the low 30’s and gentle ocean breezes makes the Seychelles climate something special.  April to October are the driest months and while the temperatures can be slightly cooler, air and water temperatures stay very much in the sweet spot for an island holiday. For guests planning undersea exploring, the ocean is at its calmest and with the best visibility in April and November. 

Although December through March are the wetter months, rain typically comes in showers of an hour or so and rarely for longer than a day or two; making it very uncommon for rain to last throughout your whole stay. Rain showers at MAIA bring out the scent of the flowers and are the perfect excuse to head to the spa or for an infinity pool swim in the rain.

When to Visit?

  • Beach weather can be enjoyed year round
  • Wetter months are from late December to March
  • Temperature rarely gets uncomfortably hot or too cool for the beach. Ocean breeze and villa air-conditioning keeps things cool in summer
  • Visiting turtles like the seaweed, and seaweed is at its most noticeable May to September
  • Best underwater visibility is often in November and April

Weather in the Seychelles

Temperature °C

Rainfall in MM

January 27 290
February 28 250
March 28 190
April 28 170
May 27 150
June 26 140
July 26 110
August 26 120
September 26 130
Ocober 26 160
November 27 170
December 27 270

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