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Paddle Board, Canoe & Surf On Mahé

Beyond All Inclusive at MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa on Mahé not only includes unlimited scuba diving and snorkel equipment for below surface exploration, it also includes complimentary use of our canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Warm Indian Ocean, gentle waves and an undisturbed Mahé peninsula create the perfect setting for on-the-water relaxing. 

Canoes & Kayaks - a choice of canoes and kayaks can be used by one or two people to explore our peninsula and get an at-sea view of the island. Keep on the lookout for turtles and rays near the surface wanting to say hello.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - a cross between surfing and canoeing, the paddle board is designed for standing or kneeling with an oar to navigate your way around the Anse Louis bay. Warm and shallow waters and plenty of reef and rock free water makes Anse Louis a great spot for the inevitable beginner’s tumbles. MAIA has a selection of SUP’s for you to borrow and we can arrange private lessons for guests keen on improving their skills. 

Surfing - surfing and paddle board lessons with the Seychelles leading licensed surf school. While you won’t find Hawaii sized surf on the Seychelles, for most visitors that’s part of the appeal. Gentle, predictable waves in safe and clear waters makes the Seychelles a great surf-beginners destination. iSurf will pick you up from MAIA and take you to the best spots for private or group stand up paddle boarding and surf lessons. You’re in safe hands with these knowledgeable locals. 

Ocean Thrill Seekers - 45 minutes north of MAIA, Beau Vallon beach is one of the islands top destinations for all types of motorised and non-motorised water sports. Parasailing and waterskiing, jet skiing and paddle skiing, windsurfing and banana rides as well as sailing lessons on small catamarans. 

This Is My MAIA - Undisturbed by jet skis or power boats, the water around our private peninsula is quiet and peaceful to encourage marine life and ensure a safe and relaxing guest experience.

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