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Best Snorkeling Spots On Mahé

With visibility nearing 30metres, amazing fish variety, friendly turtles, curious rays and a water temperature averaging 29degrees, snorkeling in the Seychelles is the perfect way to discover the world just below the surface.  

The MAIA Recreation Team will get you kitted out with mask, snorkel and flippers and show you the best spots off our beach.  The West Reef in front of MAIA is great for snorkeling and although the patches of seaweed can reduce visibility it’s also a great enticement for turtles looking for dinner.  The Recreation Team will also happily accompany anyone who is a novice and requires reassurance. 

Guests planning a day excursion to a snorkeling spot elsewhere in Mahé or off another island will be provided with all the equipment they need. 

Ste. Anne Marine National Park (off Mahé) – a group of 6 islands 5km from Victoria that has existed as a marine protected area for over four decades. You’ll need to arrange a water taxi or charter a boat to get there, but it’s definitely worth it. Coral gardens and sea grass meadows are home to rarely seen blue spotted stingrays and impressive manta rays as well as abundant varieties of tropical reef fish. 

Anse Soleil (off Mahé) – 15 minutes south of MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa, Anse Soleil is a local’s favourite. Coral beds are rich with life and the granite rocks add some drama to the clear waters. A large variety of rainbow-coloured coral dwelling fish including different varieties of angelfish make this a snorkel trip worth bringing the GoPro with. 

Felicite Island – around 4km off the coast of La Digue this is great for a half day visit. Eagle rays and hawksbill turtles are not uncommon. Humphead parrot fish and pretty butterflyfish are amongst the many varieties here. 

Coco Island – a great spot for turtle spotting near La Digue. One of the best snorkel and dive spots on the archipelago with coral life and a small beach in between the granite edges.  

This Is My MAIALet the Recreation Team at MAIA show you around the reef and let your butler arrange a snorkeling day trip to one of the exceptional Mahé or other island sites. 

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