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Anse Louis Beach

Our Mahé Resort Beach

Hidden away on the Mahé west coast, the Anse Louis beach is 500m of sand and solitude. Direct access from the MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa with loungers and beach service waiting for you, the beach and Sunset Bar is the perfect spot for lazy reading and low exertion water sports.

Positioned between Anse à la Mouche and Anse Boileau, Anse Louis is the complete tropical beach package. Head past the Sunset Bar and through our private entrance. To the far left, as you look out to sea, are the best waves for paddle boarding and surf, and to your right there’s promise of stunning shells and snorkeling.

Seychelles Sunshine - our position just below the Equator means it’s a good idea to be sun cautious. The sun is strongest between 11h00 and 15h00, so it’s smart to avoid over-exposure during those hours. If you do get a little more sun than you planned, head to the MAIA Spa for sun-sore skin pampering or ask your butler for aloe vera to cool the skin and encourage natural healing.  

Turtles - our beach is frequented by Hawksbill turtles between December and March when they come ashore to lay eggs. Nesting sites are marked and recorded, and we encourage our guests to let us know if they spot a turtle mum-to-be. 

This Is My MAIA - butlers who’ll set up a lounger on the sand for you and a recreation team who’ll help get you started with paddle boarding or show you the best snorkeling spots; beach time at MAIA is exactly what you want it to be. 

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