Only Mother Nature
Creates Paradise on Earth

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Designed by Bill Bensley and Lek Bunnag, two of the world’s most highly regarded luxury resort and hotel architects. 

Bensley’s belief that “only mother nature creates paradise on earth” is seen throughout the design of MAIA. Regarded as one of Bensley’s favourite projects, architecture was designed to fit within the existing landscape allowing ‘no tree to be felled’ during the project and an authentic connection to this unique space to be forged. 

Inspiration - by taking cues from nature and never complicating what was already perfect, MAIA exists as part of the peninsula, as if it has always been there. Inspiration was taken from East African Swahili architecture as well as the Far East with uniquely designed thatch, carved natural stone, precious woods and delicate metal work.

Craftsmanship - it's there without shouting about it. Hammered, carved, and wrought metal, stone and wood work shows strength and restraint in its delicate design. Copper strips woven into the pillars of Tec-Tec, giant African bracelet inspired chandeliers filling voluminous ceilings and copper lined alcoves simply designed for candle light or petals. 

This Is My MAIA - The tailored service and customised resort experience is echoed in the bespoke design touches throughout each villa. Subtle, easy to miss pieces along with impressive statement designs make each villa special and uniquely MAIA. Freestanding stone sinks that call to mind Jurassic discoveries, Seychelles chameleons holding back curtains, or wahoo fish for opening the shower.

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