Hermès & MAIA
A Heavenly Pairing

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Hermès & MAIA

Hermès Amenities

The MAIA guest experience continues into every aspect of your stay. Each villa features fragrant shampoo, conditioner, soap and moisturizer in maxi size bottles created by French fashion house Hermès.

Christine Nagel, the master perfumier for Hermès created a bathroom collection of fragrances that complement the MAIA experience. Eau des Merveilles and Terre d’Hermès seduce with flavours of green mango, lotus, calamus and sycamore wood. 

A Celestial Connection - the connection between MAIA & the Hermès name extends into myth and legend. Greek mythology tells of Maia the most beautiful of Atlas’ daughters giving birth to Hermes the son of Zeus. Hermes was gifted with the ability to move between the divine and the mortal and became known as the god of travel. A fitting symbol for your experience in the otherworldly Seychelles archipelago. 

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