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Spread Bet Roulette

New And Exciting Side Bet For American Roulette

The Aim Of The Game

The aim of the Spread Bet Roulette side wager is to correctly guess the winning TOTAL of two numbers which will be displayed on the ‘Winning Number Display’ at the end of each spin. The traditional display reflects the winning number at your Roulette Table, this is then added to a second number, chosen by a “Bonus Wheel,” (a duplicate graphical Roulette Wheel), which is also depicted on the Winning number display to give a total between, 0 to 72.

The Play

There are 7 combinations of Spread Bets available to wager on each spin. There is no limit to the number of Spread Bets which can be played in any one game. Spread Bet Roulette wagers are placed at the same time as normal Roulette bets, once the dealer spins the ball, the bonus wheel will also start turning, in a counter direction on the display to the Tables graphical Roulette Wheel. Once the ball has come to rest, the winning number will as usual be confirmed on the Winning Number Display, this will be added to the number shown on the Bonus Wheel resulting in the winning Spread Bet TOTAL for that spin. The dealer will clear the table of all non-winning bets, and will pay out all winning bets, including the winning Spread Bet wagers, as per the payout table displayed on the layout.

Bets and Payouts

Spread Wager


0-1 400 to 1
2-11 15 to 1
12-18 10 to 1
19-33 2 to 1
34-54 1 to 1
55-67 7 to 1
68-72 80 to 1