Timeshare at Pine Lake Resort

SunSwop Resort Holidays

Experience more at Southern Sun Resorts when you become a member of our holiday timeshare programme. Timeshare owners at Pine Lake Resort pay an annual fee to enjoy shared ownership of one of the beautiful chalets that can be then used for an unforgettable Southern Sun Resorts holiday. Best of all, our timeshare programme opens up a world of holiday opportunities including automatic SunSwop membership, the chance to earn SunRands, and the option to holiday in over 4,300 resorts globally with our RCI partnership.

Take a look through the Annual Report to find out all you need to know about Pine Lake Resort.

As a SunSwop member your holiday weeks are exclusively for you to decide how to use them. Whether you rent it out privately, gift it to a friend, exchange it for a stay at one of our other Southern Sun Resorts, or even swop it for a holiday from RCI’s global portfolio, the choice is up to you. And, if you can’t use your week, the Rental Pool allows you to deposit it for someone else to buy.

To ensure you enjoy all the benefits without the stress, you can now sign-up, pay, and swop online. Find out more here.