A Unique Fusion Of Spice And Culture

Aarya restaurant in Fourways, located in SunSquare Montecasino is run by South Africa’s first MasterChef SA winner, Deena Naidoo. The restaurant is located on Montecasino’s vibrant outdoor piazza.

Aarya’s menu reflects the South African nation and what MasterChef was all about - bringing people from diverse cultures and backgrounds together through delicious and innovative food.

Deena’s extensive knowledge of spices, together with the combination of the traditional and contemporary, results in a unique fusion menu that delights the palates of his guests. Diners are also able to watch as their meals are prepared with flair by the Aarya Chefs in the open plan kitchen.

Deena named the restaurant in honour of his daughter, who was given the name for its Sanskrit meaning; noble, kind, honourable, dear, and favourable, and is considered to be a respectful way of addressing women.

As a PalazzoSouthern Sun Montecasino or SunSquare Montecasino hotel guest, we’ve made it even easier for you to enjoy superb dining. Simply sign the bill at this restaurant directly to your hotel room.

Aarya is a participating auction wines restaurant, for a full list of these fine wines, please click here.