The Tsogo Sun Hotels Rewards Programme Currency

SunRands are the Tsogo Sun Hotels Rewards Programme currency.

SunRands are earned on accommodation, meals and drinks when charged to your room and on up to 4 rooms per member, per stay. There is a 24-month validity on SunRands earned and SunRands are allocated to the member 24 hours after check out.

1 SunRand = R1.

Redeem your SunRands towards:

SunRands earning percentages:

SunRands can be redeemed any day of the week. As a Tsogo Sun Hotels Rewards programme members you can settle your bill directly at one of our Tsogo Sun Hotels-owned restaurants and bars and receive your discount

Remember you don’t need to present a physical card to redeem your SunRands, all you need is your membership number and PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN or membership number - click here.

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