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  • Gauteng (Johannesburg & Surrounds)
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  • Eastern Cape
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South Africa

  • Gauteng (Johannesburg & Surrounds)
  • KwaZulu-Natal (Durban)
  • Western Cape (Cape Town)
  • Eastern Cape
  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Free State
  • Northern Cape
  • Limpopo

Rest of Africa

  • Nigeria
  • Mozambique
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • Tanzania

Middle East &
Indian Ocean

  • Seychelles
  • United Arab Emirates

Tsogo Sun Rewards Programme Terms & Conditions


  1. The Tsogo Sun Rewards Programme (“the Programme”) is a reward programme operated by Southern Sun Hotel Interests Proprietary Limited t/a Tsogo Sun Hotels (“Tsogo Sun”)
  2. Only persons who are 18 years or older are eligible to sign up for a Tsogo Sun rewards programme card (“the Card”)
  3. Identification will be required by the cardholder on check-in by either producing a Green  barcoded South African ID, Drivers license or Passport and when making use of hotel benefits
  4. Tsogo Sun reserves the right, amongst other rights, to amend the status of a cardholder in the programme or withdraw cards at its sole discretion. In addition Tsogo Sun reserves the right to suspend or terminate Programme participation where cardholders are in breach of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to, qualification criteria
  5. Qualifying criteria for offers and benefits of the Programme shall commensurate with the activity status of the cardholder
  6. The Card remains the property of Tsogo Sun and it reserves the right to levy a fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged Cards
  7. Programme participation, rewards and benefits are not transferable
  8. Rewards, offers and benefits may not be used in conjunction with other offers and benefits of unrelated rewards/customer loyalty programmes, unless approved by the Tsogo Sun.
  9. Tsogo Sun reserves the right without consultation with cardholders or any prior approval thereof, to amend the terms and conditions for participating in the programme, including but not limited to alliance with other rewards/customer loyalty programmes. Equally rewards, benefits, SunRands earned, special offers, expiry periods and rates at which points are earned may be amended from time to time
  10. The Rewards programme is valid at participating Tsogo Sun hotels in Africa, Abu Dhabi and Seychelles. The participating hotels may be changed from time to time and such changes will be published under the terms and conditions on this website
  11. SUN1 and Park Station Inn do not participate in the Tsogo Sun rewards programme. As from 14 November 2016 Holiday Inn Sandton and Crown Plaza Johannesburg participate in the Tsogo Sun rewards programme
  12. All bookings are subject to the existing terms and conditions prevailing at the time of booking, including meal and children's policies
  13. Cardholders are required to notify any Tsogo Sun hotel of any changes in address or personal details, either in writing or in person at the Front Desk. Cardholders can also update their own personal details by logging into their online profile on
  14. Partner reward/ customer loyalty programmes linked to the programme operate independently subject to their own terms and conditions. Tsogo Sun shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of income), injury, death and/or damages of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Tsogo Sun, which may occur as the result of the use of any products, goods or services offered by partner programmes
  15. Tsogo Sun reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the Programme at any time with prior written notice. In addition the use of points and/or benefits may be suspended from time to time with prior written notice thereof
  16. Programme participants consent to the processing of their personal and special personal information by Tsogo Sun for historical, statistical and research purposes, and for the updating of personal information obtained from reliable sources. Requests for the deletion, amendment or updating of personal information should be made in writing. Information is not shared with third parties
  17. Recorded personal information may be accessed in compliance with the published Tsogo Sun Protection of Personal Information (“POPI”) policy. Recorded personal information  not required for Tsogo Sun’s performance pursuant to the Programme, programme participation, including assigned benefits, will be terminated immediately
  18. Programme participants indemnify and hold harmless, Tsogo Sun, its subsidiaries, management and employees against any legal action, claim or suit, including but not limited to non-compliance in respect of consent requirements. Except where such legal action, claim or suit is a result of gross negligence and unlawful acts on the part of Tsogo Sun
  19. All customer related queries should be directed to the Tsogo Sun Customer Contact Centre on 0861 44 77 44 or +27 (0)11 461-9744 for International calls (International calls are charged at standard rates)
  20. Rewards and benefits are applicable only when the member personally occupies the room. When special offers allow for booking more than four rooms, the cardholder must accompany the other party in order to receive special rates and any other benefits
  21. Should you misplace or forget your confidential PIN, login to to “Forgot Password” on the home page
  22. By making use of the programme, guests acknowledge that they are aware of the conditions of use. To ensure you receive your membership benefits and rewards, please quote your Rewards card number when making your bookings and present your Rewards card upon check-in at the hotel
  23. Tsogo Sun cannot be held responsible for correspondence sent to you, which is lost or delayed in the mail
  24. Cardholders may elect not to be included in Tsogo Sun’s marketing communications list by opting out at any time by notifying the relevant Tsogo Sun entity in writing. A reasonable period should be allowed for Tsogo Sun to give effect to aforementioned opt-out request; hence the Cardholder may receive marketing communication during the transitional period
  25. Employees of Tsogo Sun or any subsidiary of Tsogo Sun Holdings Limited may not participate in the programme 

Status Levels

  1. Cardholders earn 1 Status Point for every R10 spent on cardholders qualifying spend on accommodation, Food and Beverage at Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurants and sundry items (i.e. Telephone calls, hotel owned laundry services and hotel owned parking) provided it is charged back to the room
  2. SunRands can be earned on a maximum of 4 rooms for non-negotiated rates (public rates) and on 1 room for negotiated rates
  3. Status Points required for each status level:
    • Gold: Entry level
    • Platinum: 2,000 Status Points
    • Black: 6,000 Status Points 
  4. Status will be calculated within a rolling 12 month period
  5. Status Points are not earned on confidential rates (including Discovery Vitality) and Timeshare
  6. Cardholders do not earn Status Points when staying at SUN1 and Park Station Inn
  7. Cardholders will automatically be upgraded upon reaching the required Status Points for an upgrade and a new card will be posted via mail. Platinum and Black cardholder status is valid for 1 year from date of issue. Cardholders that do not maintain or meet the required Status Points will be put on a status level in accordance with their Status Points they have accumulated

Earning SunRands

  1. SunRands earning is dependent on cardholder’s status at the time that the transaction is allocated to the cardholder’s profile.  SunRands earning:
    • Gold: earn 5% SunRands
    • Platinum: earn 10% SunRands
    • Black: earn 15% SunRands
  2. SunRands can be earned on a maximum of 4 rooms for non-negotiated rates (public rates) and on 1 room for negotiated rates
  3. Cardholder must be occupying one of the rooms booked
  4. 1 SunRand = 1 South African Rand
  5. SunRands are valid for 24 months from first date of issue, after which period they expire. Unused SunRands older than 24 months will be forfeited
  6. SunRands earned will be allocated to the cardholder 24 hours after check out
  7. SunRands will not be awarded for stays prior to Rewards Programme join date
  8. SunRands are not earned on confidential rates (including Discovery Vitality), Timeshare or on any reservations booked through Online Travel Agencies (OTA). This restriction includes but is not limited to: earning SunRands on food and beverage purchases, parking, in room dining, movies, and any other incidental charges incurred during the member’s length of stay
  9. Cardholders do not earn SunRands when staying at SUN1, Park Station Inn and Timeshare. As from 14 November 2016 Holiday Inn Sandton and Crown Plaza Johannesburg participate in the Tsogo Sun rewards programme
  10. Cardholders purchasing or making use of Timeshare units through the Timeshare sales offices for resort properties do not qualify for SunRands earning
  11. Tsogo Sun shall not be liable for any loss of value or SunRands from Cards in any manner and howsoever arising. Cardholders are required to safeguard their Cards, SunRands and any other value linked to the Cards against loss, theft or fraudulent use. In the event of loss or theft of a Card, the Cardholder concerned should notify the Tsogo Sun hotels by visiting the nearest Tsogo Sun hotel or via immediately
  12. Cardholders are required to present their Cards together with a valid positive and acceptable form of identification when utilising their Card for transactions and claiming discounts, special offers or redeeming of SunRands
  13. The accumulation of SunRands by other persons on behalf of the registered cardholder is expressly prohibited and is grounds for termination of programme participation and forfeiture of SunRands and benefits
  14. Cardholders do not earn on the redemption portion of their stay however should they have to pay in a cash value toward their accommodation they will earn on the top up value on accommodation, food and beverage at hotel owned restaurants and bars plus sundry items (hotel owned laundry services, telephone calls and hotel owned parking)

Accommodation Discounts

  1. Cardholders are eligible for accommodation discounts on a maximum of 4 rooms per stay. Rooms booked in excess of the 4 rooms will be subject to the applicable public rate at the time of booking.
  2. Discounts are as follows: 
    1. Luxury – 10% discount off public accommodation rates
      • MAIA Luxury Hotel and Resort 
      • 54 on Bath
      • Beverly Hills Hotel
      • Sandton Sun
      • The Palazzo Montecasino
      • InterContinental Sandton Towers
      • InterContinental Airport Sun
      • Suncoast Towers
    2. Full Service hotels – 10% discount off public accommodation rates
      • Southern Sun Hotels
      • Southern Sun Resorts
    3. Select service hotels – 5% discount off public accommodation rates
      • SunSquare
      • Garden Court
      • StayEasy
  3. Cardholders making use of SUN1, Park Station Inn and Timeshare units at Southern Sun Resorts do not qualify for accommodation discounts
  4. Cardholder discounts are not given on negotiated corporate rates
  5. Cardholders will be required to produce their card and positive identification on check-in for the rates and benefits to be honoured
  6. Discounts for cardholders are intended for the cardholder and their immediate family (spouse and children) and are not intended for on sell

Food & Beverage Discounts

  1. Cardholder Food and Beverage discount is valid at Tsogo Sun Hotels owned restaurants and bars only
  2. Cardholder discounts:
    • Gold: 10%
    • Platinum: 15%
    • Black: 20%
  3. A cardholder making use of a Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurant in South Africa does not have to be staying in the hotel to receive their discount or to redeem SunRands on Food and Beverage at Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurants
  4. Food and Beverage discounts at Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurants in non South African Tsogo Sun hotels will only be provided if the guest is staying at the hotel
  5. Discounts apply to a maximum of 8 guests, per cardholder, per seating
  6. Discounts are not applicable to room service, banqueting and tips
  7. No discount is applicable on package inclusive rates or bill backs to corporates, travel agents and government departments
  8. No double dipping of discounts will be allowed should the cardholder be in possession of more than one Tsogo Sun rewards card or have a discounted benefit through any other rewards/loyalty programmes
  9. Discount is applicable to bills paid by the cardholder and cardholder must be present
  10. Discount will be verified by cardholder swiping their Rewards card
  11. In the event that the cardholder is not in possession of a physical card the cardholder must supply their card number to obtain the discount. Cardholder will then be required to authorise transaction by providing their PIN number
  12. No retroactive claims will be permitted. For queries and further conditions of use, call the Tsogo Sun Customer Contact Centre on +27 861 44 77 44


  1. Pre-registration will be done provided cardholder has supplied their card details at time of making their reservation
  2. Card, identification and method of payment will be required on check-in


  1. Cardholders qualify for 2 GIG Free Wireless Internet Access, which is provided by means of a daily data allowance over the period of the stay at a Tsogo Sun hotel
  2. The Free Wireless Internet Access is provided with the expectation that the cardholders will utilize this service in a lawful, professional and responsible manner
  3. Tsogo Sun offers the Free Wireless Internet service for activities such as the active use of e-mail, instant messaging, browsing the World Wide Web and accessing corporate intranets. The service is not intended for high volume data transfers, especially sustained high volume data transfers, video conferencing, Peer 2 Peer downloads etc
  4. A paid Premium Wireless Internet service is available for cardholders who have depleted their daily data allowance or who require high volume data transfers
  5. The Free Wireless Internet Access service may be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously
  6. The daily data allowance is allocated on check-in and then again at midnight on each subsequent day of stay. Any unused data is forfeited and is not redeemable
  7. The Free Wireless Internet service is not refundable and/or transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other service
  8. Although Tsogo Sun will use its best endeavours to have the service available at all times, Tsogo Sun does not guarantee the availability of the service and shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever in respect of any loss or damages caused by, or arising from, the unavailability of, or any interruption in the service for any reason whatsoever
  9. This Free Internet Access offer can be amended or withdrawn in full or partially at the sole discretion of Tsogo Sun
  10. This offer is not available to conference guests that are not staying over at the hotel, voucher packages are available, please enquire with the banqueting or conference manager at the hotel
  11. The Free Wireless Internet offer is currently unavailable at Southern Sun Resorts and SUN1 hotels

Redeeming your SunRands

  1. For the purpose of redemption 1 SunRand = 1 South African Rand
  2. SunRands can be redeemed towards accommodation at any participating Tsogo Sun hotel
  3. SunRands can be redeemed to pay towards Food & Beverage at Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurants and bars. This applies to Tsogo Sun hotels in South Africa only
  4. Hotel parking - when staying at a hotel
  5. Tourism levy
  6. Gold Reef City Theme Park
  7. Sandton Sun and Suncoast Spa
  8. Montecasino Bird Gardens
  9. No commission is payable on any SunRands redemption booking
  10. SunRands cannot be redeemed at SUN1 and Park Station Inn
  11. SunRands are not transferable
  12. SunRands cannot be used to pay for tips, banqueting or government levied taxes and these will be for the cardholder’s account
  13. Cardholders can redeem SunRands towards accommodation online by logging into their profile with the card number and PIN or by contacting our Customer Contact Centre or hotels directly
  14. Cardholders redeeming via the Customer Contact Centre or hotel will be required to verify their personal details prior to the SunRands being redeemed. Card and positive identification will be requested at check-in to ensure the redemption is honoured
  15. Cardholders opting to redeem their SunRands towards their Food and Beverage bill will be required to swipe their card or provide their card number and verify their PIN number when paying their bills with SunRands
  16. Cardholders cannot redeem SunRands on Food and Beverage in Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurants outside of South Africa
  17. Cancelled SunRands redemption bookings will be credited 72 hours after cancellation if a refund is due based on the deposit and refund policy of the reservation
  18. No redemption will be honoured on check-out or in a Tsogo Sun hotel owned restaurant/bar without a physical card and cardholder verifying PIN, or in the event that the cardholder is not in possession of a physical card the cardholder must supply their card number and PIN
  19. Cancelled SunRands redemption bookings will be credited 72 hours after cancellation if a refund is due based on the deposit and refund policy of the reservation


  1. Limited to 4 tickets daily per cardholder, 7 days a week
  2. Limited to a maximum of 20 tickets per month
  3. An active card status is required to qualify for the discount for Black, Platinum and Gold cardholders
  4. Physical card is to be presented in order for the discount to be applied
  5. ID confirmation may be required
  6. Offer may only be redeemed by the cardholder in person and may not be sold or transferred
  7. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced

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