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Responsible Gambling



For the overwhelming majority of people, gambling is a form of recreational entertainment. However, for a small portion of people, excessive gambling may potentially become a problem, and in some instances, may result in damaging compulsive addictive behaviour.

Tsogo Sun (“the Company”) supports responsible gambling and further recognizes the need for the protection of minors from gambling. Accordingly, the Company’s casinos, amongst other gambling establishments, contribute significantly towards the funding of the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) which makes it possible for free services to be made available to persons who have gambling problems or to those who are affected by problem gambling.

In addition, the Company, through its casinos, offers a self-exclusion programme (“the Programme”) to assist persons who may have gambling problems. Its self-exclusion programme supplements the SARGF and it further promotes the values, objectives and purpose of the SARGF.

The Company also remains committed to taking reasonable and practical steps that to promote responsible gambling within the Group.

How the programme works

Applicants may voluntarily, and subject to the terms and conditions of the Company’s Programme, apply to be excluded from the designated gambling areas and gambling activities of its casinos within its group.

the following exclusionS options are available

Casino Specific Exclusions from a specific Tsogo Sun casino
Province Exclusion from all Tsogo Sun casinos within a particular Province where the Company operates a casino
National Exclusion from all Tsogo Sun casinos in the Republic of South Africa

In the Eastern Cape and Gauteng Provinces, Applicants may elect to be excluded from gambling establishments operated by other licensees, in addition to Company’s casinos, by completing the relevant Provincial Gambling Board’s prescribed form for exclusion.

Exclusion documents are available free of charge at all of the Company’s casinos during its operating hours.

The Gambling Board exclusion documentation is available from the relevant Gambling Board itself or from the relevant casino.

Applicants should approach the casino’s security department for assistance. Security personnel will provide applicants with exclusion documentation in a discreet manner. The documentation needs to be correctly completed by the applicant and handed in at the casino. We encourage that applicants obtain a copy of their exclusion documentation for their records. A photograph of the applicant will also be obtained so as to complete the application form.

The casino will thereafter distribute completed applications to all relevant parties to give effect to their requests. In instances where Provincial or National exclusion options were elected, the relevant Tsogo Sun casinos will receive the applications for implementation.

Once the self-exclusion requests have been implemented, the excluded persons (previously applicants) will be notified by the relevant casino(s).

There is a minimum period of six months of exclusion, however the exclusion is not automatically uplifted. See “What is the process to follow to uplift a self-exclusion?”

Applications for the upliftment of Tsogo Sun exclusions at a specific casino are to be made in person at that casino during its operating hours. However, for Tsogo Sun Provincial or National exclusions, applications for the relevant upliftments may be made at a Tsogo Sun casino within the province or the Republic (as the case may be). The Programme’s terms and conditions also need to be complied with. For upliftment of Gambling Board exclusions, applications should be submitted to the respective Gambling Boards.

Counselling through the SARGF (+27 800 006 008), or a psychologist or psychiatrist that is registered with the Healthcare Professionals Council of South Africa and proof of counselling, are prerequisites for applications for upliftments to be considered. Please note that the submission of an upliftment application does not automatically terminate the exclusion. The relevant casino(s) will notify applicants of the outcome of their applications.

The casino(s) will also consider the conduct of the applicant whilst he/she was under a period of self-exclusion. Attempts to gamble, trespassing onto the gambling areas or similar conduct will be considered by the relevant casino(s).

Eligibility For Participation In The Programme:

Any person who is at least 18 years old and has a gambling problem may participate in the Programme for FREE.

Breaches Of The Programme’s Terms And Conditions:

Excluded persons will forfeit their winnings and indemnify the casino(s) against any losses or damages sustained. The casinos are also entitled to cause the excluded persons to be arrested by the SAPS and to lay criminal charges for trespassing.


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