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Appetites whetted, cuisine-curiosity piqued, and hunger sated, MAIA is a sensory experience and taste is definitely on the menu. With our Beyond All Inclusive offering, guests experience the finest á la carte with menus that aren’t restricted by time frames and where chefs invite personal-preference dish adaptations and off-menu requests. Paired with the Whatever, Wherever, Whenever concept, dining at MAIA is fine cuisine in even finer settings. 

The MAIA Kitchen - Since its inception, food at MAIA has been integral to the experience. The kitchen at MAIA has been graced by cuisine luminaries each leaving their mark on the kitchen and the MAIA menu. From the two Michelin star Andre Chiang, who credits MAIA as being food-philosophy-defining to current Executive Chef Manoj Singh and his team who continue the tradition of exceptional ingredients, refined technique, elegant presentation and dishes that are delicious and memorable. 

Beyond All Inclusive – a selection of menus showcasing five different cuisine types, a personalised mini-bar and a generous menu of cocktails, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks inclusive in your rates. 

Whatever Wherever Whenever – from fire and ocean surrounding Tec-Tec by night, to private beach-dining for just the two of you; from drinks at Sunset Bar to cocktails in your private outdoor bath; breakfast, lunch dinner whenever you want, a choice of menus, and a kitchen team ready to re-mix a dish just the way you like it. 

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