Hotel Rewards

Terms & Conditions

  1. Qualifying criteria for the various discounts, offers, benefits or other rewards of the Tsogo Rewards programme shall be commensurate with the Tier Status level of the Member in the Tsogo Rewards programme. Some room types for example, Presidential Suites and the hotels Penthouse are excluded from member rates.

  2. Tsogo Points, and Tsogo Rewards programme participation, discounts, offers, benefits and other rewards are not transferable.
  3. Tsogo Rewards programme discounts, offers, benefits and other rewards may not be used in conjunction with other offers and/or benefits of unrelated rewards/customer loyalty programmes, unless approved in writing by Tsogo Sun.
  4. Tsogo Sun reserves the right, without consulting members, and without requiring any prior approval by members, to amend Tsogo Rewards programme Terms & Conditions, including without limitation, the types and/or value of the discounts, offers, benefits and/or other rewards offered at any time, the qualifying criteria to participate in the Tsogo Rewards programme, The Tsogo Rewards programme’s affiliation to any benefit provider/s and/or other loyalty programme/s, and the like. In addition, the expiry dates of any Tsogo Points and/or the discounts, offers, benefits and/or other rewards offered at any time, and rates at which Tsogo Points are earned may be amended in Tsogo Sun’s discretion from time to time.
  5. The Tsogo Points earned are valid for use at participating Tsogo Sun hotels and Casinos in South Africa. The participating Tsogo Sun hotels and Casinos may be changed from time to time and such changes will be published under Tsogo Rewards programme Terms & Conditions on this website.
  6. All hotel bookings made using Tsogo Points are subject to the existing hotel terms and conditions prevailing at the time of booking, including meal and children’s policies.
  7. Members are required to keep their membership information up to date at all times, and to notify Tsogo Sun of any changes in address or personal details, by clicking or in person at the Front desk of any one of Tsogo Sun’s hotels.
  8. Partner reward/customer loyalty programmes linked to the Tsogo Rewards programme operate independently and subject to their own terms and conditions. Neither Tsogo Sun nor any of its directors, agents or employees shall be liable for any loss, damage/s, injury, death or otherwise which may be caused to any Member (or any dependent, guest or invitee of such Member), as the result of the use of any products, goods or services offered by such partner programmes, howsoever such loss, damage/s, injury, death or otherwise may occur, and whether as a result of any foreseen or unforeseen event or any act or omission on the part of Tsogo Sun, its directors, or employees or otherwise.
  9. Tsogo Sun reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the Tsogo Rewards programme at any time without prior written notice. In addition, the use of Tsogo Points may be suspended from time to time without prior written notice thereof.
  10. Members hereby indemnify and hold harmless Tsogo Sun (and its successors) its directors, past directors, agents and/or employees or past employees (in whose favour where applicable this constitutes a stipulation alteri capable of acceptance at any time) against any claim of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to any loss, damage/s, injury, death or otherwise) howsoever arising that may be made against Tsogo Sun (or its successors) its directors, past directors, agents, employees or past employees by any third party as a result of or in connection with the Tsogo Rewards programme, any discounts, offers, benefits or other rewards offered or taken up pursuant thereto or otherwise in terms of the Tsogo Rewards programme, whether negligently or in breach of its/their obligations to the Member or otherwise.
  11. All hotel customer/guest related queries should be directed to the applicable hotel’s front desk.
  12. Tsogo Points and the Tsogo Rewards programme’s discounts, offers, benefits and other rewards are only available where the Member claiming such Tsogo Points, discount/s, offer/s, benefit/s or other reward/s is the personal recipient thereof, and where used for the booking and/or payment of any hotel rooms, the Member personally occupies the room so booked and/or paid for. When special offers allow for the booking of more than one hotel room, the Member must personally accompany his/her invitees and personally occupy one of the rooms so booked to be able to receive the special rates and/or any other benefits.
  13. Tsogo Rewards members are eligible for accommodation discounts on a maximum of 2 rooms per stay. Rooms booked in excess of the 2 rooms will be subject to the applicable public rate at the time of booking.

  14. Should a Member misplace or forget his/her confidential PIN, he/she should login to and reset same.
  15. By making use of the Tsogo Rewards programme, members acknowledge that they are aware of Tsogo Rewards programme Terms & Conditions.
  16. Members must provide their Tsogo Rewards membership number when making Tsogo Sun hotel bookings and again upon check-in at the Tsogo Sun hotel in order to ensure that the Member earns Tsogo Points and/or receives the applicable membership discount/s, benefit/s and/or reward/s.
  17. Members may choose to opt out of email marketing communication at any stage by clicking on unsubscribe or by replying STOP to opt out of SMS communication. Members will however continue to receive communications regarding their membership for as long as they remain members.
  1. The number of Tsogo Points required to be earned to achieve each Tier Status level:
    • 10-Tier: Entry level
    • J-Tier: 10,000 Tsogo Points
    • Q-Tier: 100,000 Tsogo Points
    • K-Tier: 1,000,000 Tsogo Points
  2. Tier Status levels will be calculated on a rolling 12-month period, and members will be required to continue earning the required number of Tsogo Points within such 12-month period/s in order to maintain the Status level previously achieved or to be upgraded.
  3. Members will be automatically upgraded to the next Tier Status level upon earning the required number of Tsogo Points necessary to earn such upgrade. J-Tier, Q-Tier, K-Tier and A-Tier Status is valid for 12 months from date of issue. Upon expiry of this 12-month period, members who do not earn sufficient new Tsogo Points within such period to meet and maintain the required number of Tsogo Points necessary to remain on the upgraded Tier Status level will be moved to the relevant Tier Status level that accords with the number of new Tsogo Points they have accumulated during such period.
  1. Members earn 2% of qualifying spend at Tsogo Sun hotels in Tsogo Points. Qualifying spend is defined as full rate spend on accommodation, food and beverages at Tsogo Sun owned hotels, restaurants and sundry items (i.e. telephone calls, hotel owned laundry services and hotel owned parking) provided that it is charged back to the room.
  2. 100 x Tsogo Sun Points = 1 x South African Rand.
  3. Tsogo Points can be earned on a maximum of 2 hotel rooms booked per stay.
  4. Tsogo Points are not earned on confidential rates.
  5. Tsogo Points are only earned when a qualifying accommodation rate is paid.
  6. Members must at all times be occupying one of the Tsogo Sun hotel rooms comprising the Member’s reservation in order to qualify to earn Tsogo Points.
  7. Members will not earn Tsogo Points on the redemption portion of their stay however should they have to pay in a cash value toward their accommodation, they will earn Tsogo Points on the top up value on accommodation, food and beverage at Tsogo Sun owned restaurants and bars plus sundry items (hotel owned laundry services, telephone calls and hotel owned parking).
  8. Tsogo Points will not be awarded for any Tsogo Sun hotel stays by a Member that occurred prior to the date upon which a Member joins the Tsogo Rewards programme.
  9. Tsogo Points are not earned on any Tsogo Sun hotel reservations booked through Online Travel Agencies (OTA). This restriction includes but is not limited to earning Tsogo Points on food and beverage purchases, parking, in room dining, movies, and any other incidental charges incurred during the Member’s length of stay.
  10. Tsogo Points are valid for 12 months from first date of issue, after which period they expire. Unused Tsogo Points older than 12 months will be forfeited. No Tsogo Points may be carried over.
  11. Tsogo Points earned will be allocated to the Member 24 hours after check-out.
  12. Member discounts are only given on Best Available Rates (BAR) and subject to availability. Discounts are not given on negotiated corporate rates.
  13. Members are required to present their membership number together with a valid positive and acceptable form of identification on check-in or at any time upon transacting, in order to earn Tsogo Points and/or to claim discounts, special offers, benefits or other rewards or to redeem Tsogo Points.
  14. Tsogo Sun hotel rate discounts offered to members are intended for personal use by the Member and their immediate family (spouse and children) only when staying with the Member at Tsogo Sun hotels and are not intended for on-sale.
  15. Tsogo Sun shall not be liable for any loss of value of a Member’s Tsogo Points in any manner and howsoever arising. Members are required to safeguard their PIN, Tsogo Points and any other value linked to their Tsogo Rewards programme membership against loss, theft or fraudulent use.
  16. The accumulation of Tsogo Points by other persons on behalf of the registered Member is expressly prohibited and is grounds for termination of programme participation and forfeiture of Tsogo Points and benefits.